#CSBIC2019 Finalists – Paper Ship

The consumption of paper has grown 400 percent
in the last 40 years. The environmental impact of global paper production
paper is significant. The idea is to establish Paper Ship –
start-up, which promotes the use of recycling paper
in art colleges, starting from western part of Ukraine. Papers can be recycled up to seven times before
the fibers become too weak to make another product. We can collect waste papers monthly and provide
lower prices to those colleges that give us paper waste. We will get income from selling both recycled
paper and art on recycled paper. We want to be the first organization in Ukraine
that is specialized in paper recycling for art colleges. We will educate students, that despite its
limitations and challenges, recycling paper
is the right thing to do to reduce solid waste. Paper Ship is not just a business –
it is the way of thinking.

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