Cruise Ship Fire Update! Arson Suspected On AIDAnova 3000 Crew Evacuated Police Called In

it’s Bruce here with travelling with
Bruce I have an update for you about the ada anova this is the cruise ship that
had a fire on board last night that sounds now like it might be possible
arson the police have been called in by the shipbuilders Meyer where and the
captain of the Haida Nova deck 14 is where the fire broke out at 2:15 in the
morning here in the I’m Shaymin port in the Netherlands the ship had a fire in
two cabins that were badly damaged first reports say three thousand people were
on board the ship at the time the fire broke out it was a major alarm they were
all evacuated safely off the ship fire teams were brought in to take the
fire out sea trials have been postponed now they were supposed to last six days
and start today this is gonna cause a delay the cause of the fires not yet you
don’t known but suspicious items have been found in one of the cabins that
captain is concerned that it was a deliberately set fire this is a major
development the cruise line of course has not yet commented it is supposed to
be delivered to the carnival company Aida at the end of November not too far
from now but this might muck things up we’ll have to see the extent of the
damage in the cabins and any of the other structure around the cabins the
Ada Nova is the first LNG powered cruise ship the largest cruise ship Carnival is
ever ordered in excess of 1 billion dollars to build her and she was
celebrated just last month on her christening I’ll keep you posted on
updates but right now arson is suspected on the ADA Nova we’ll see what happens
as the day goes on take care everybody

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