Cruise Ship Cuisine : When and Where to Dine On Board –

So you’ve heard all about the food on board ships and the amazing buffets. But you may be surprised to learn that celebrity chefs, expert international culinary specialists, and experienced food and beverage executives are all responsible for providing a world class dining experience on the high seas. Spend a few minutes with us as we educate you on the amazing world of dining at sea. The modern day cruise line offers a variety of dining options for its more discerning passengers. Depending on the size of the ship, 10 to 25 restaurant options may be available. Each cruise line and ship is a little different so check with our cruise experts for the specifics. And ask them their favorite restaurants at sea. If you’re sailing on a luxury line or
on a premium line, then chances are most if not all of your meals will be included. This may also include beers, wines, spirits, and coffees and teas. On a mass market ship, some
restaurant options are included in the price of your cruise ticket. This generally speaking
includes a formal or informal dining room, a quick service snack and light fare venue, as well as the buffet. You can dine as many times as you wish on any given day with no additional charge for food. But don’t forget, operating hours are specific to each day of the itinerary and can be found on the cruise periodical. Some restaurants on board require
an additional charge to dine as well as a reservation in most cases. In general, these restaurants offer either a specialty cuisine or a menu designed by a celebrity chef. The good news is, they encourage you to try as much as you like. The charge is a flat charge
regardless of your order. The foody in your group will love a galley tour. You’ll go behind the scenes and see the kitchens in action. And if you’re looking for a real splurge,
then we suggest attending a chefs table dinner. This is an excellent choice if you want to
taste some of the most delicious and creative dishes prepared by some of the most talented chefs on board. Room service is also an option on most cruise lines. Room service is free of charge for most menu items and some lines now offer pizza delivery and premium menu options for a nominal fee. If your stateroom is equipped with a mini bar, then chances are you’ll be charged for items you consume just like a hotel room on land. On board most mass market
cruise lines, some beverages are not included in the cost of your cruise ticket. Coffee, tea, juice, and non-bottled water are all included in the price of your cruise. You’ll be charged for soft drinks, beer, wine, bottled water, and spirits. Specialty coffee drinks and some teas are also subject to an additional charge. However, most cruise lines offer beverages at the discounted package price. They have soda packages, beer packages, and wine packages
available. A package is an excellent option for guests who know their beverage preferences. With minor exceptions, bringing your own beverages on board is not permitted and the rules are strictly enforced. The cruise industry has come a long way from the fable cliche of the all-you-can-eat midnight buffet. Seasoned cruise passengers know some of the best dining experiences in the world are on board a cruise ship. Our cruise experts can secure beverage
packages and make dining reservations long before your ship sets sail. Thank you for watching. Start planning your cruise vacation by contacting a cruise expert.

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