Cruise Ship Cabin Organization and Stateroom tour Carnival Miracle

Hey Cruisers, it’s Sheri with CruiseTipsTV. We are
onboard the Carnival Miracle, and we are going to show you around our stateroom. Now normally
when we give you a tour of our stateroom, we do it in it’s cleanest fashion with none
of our stuff unpacked, and you get to see … basically, the stateroom. But we’ve
had a few requests from people who would like to see how we keep our stateroom organized.
So, we’re going to walk you around, show you where we keep things, and along the way
talk to you about some of Carnival’s policies, and what we like to pack on our cruise. So
let’s go! Now a lot of the cruise lines have these clever little narrow shelves. We
like to store things like our beach towels here. Our wine that we got on the first night
at the steakhouse. And some water, our thermos, and of course some vanilla that I’m taking
home to a friend. These are also great places to store sunglasses, sunscreen and anything
else that would fit nicely in a narrow shelf. Now we are going to take a look at how we
organize our refrigerator. So, of course, on the first day we get aboard we ask our
stateroom steward to completely empty the fridge of it’s mini bar setup. And we combine
a few things in our refrigerator. We have, right here you’ll see some of the water
that Carnival now provides. They don’t allow you to bring plastic onboard anymore. So you
can purchase a twelve pack of these 16.9 oz bottles for $2.99 for a twelve pack. Which
is a great deal, so we’re doing that now. And we also bring along of course our own
sodas. Club soda, Diet Coke, things like that. So we just fill our fridge that way, and leave
it that way for the rest of the cruise. Now we are going to take a look at this nice little
vanity area here. Carnival of course has a standard awkward outlet setup here. So we’ve
plugged in our power supply, and our wonderful USB charging hub that we are going to tell
you about in another video. This thing is a life saver, and we’ll have four, five,
six, seven devices going on this all at once. Now we are going to take a look at some of
the drawers here. This drawer is really flat, so we put all of our paperwork in it. As you
can see, we have our Funtimes here. Battery chargers, our Pocket Vault, water proof container
for keys and credit cards and things when you are at the beach. Hand sanitizers, and
this is my little laundry pack. And this here, is of course your standard blowdryer area,
and we keep a little bit of paper work here, including receipts in this area as well as
one dollar bills for tipping room service. This is a great place to keep them so you
don’t have to stumble for your wallet every time room service comes. Next drawer down,
sunglasses and goggles for the whole family. This is my makeup and hair area. And, the
last drawer here, swim-suits, cover-ups, hats, things like that. Next we are going to move
along to the shelve storage area here. Pop on inside you can see that this is where we
leave all of our miscellaneous that we really don’t need for the rest of the cruise, because
surprise, I can’t reach it. So, up here with the life jacket we just have some suitcases,
a purse, a photo that we bought, and that’s about it. This area here is my husband’s
folded clothes. Next shelf down, my clothes, and our six year old son’s clothes, and
of course, down on the bottom pretty much all of our shoes. Alright, the next two banks
in the closet here are for hanging storage. So this first area here is my husband’s
and son’s hanging clothing, and down on the bottom you’ll see our first of two pop-up
hampers, which we cannot live without, and of course, my husband’s dress shoes. And
on to the next. Next area here is my dressy clothes, the robes that came along with the
room, and a second pop-up hamper down here on the bottom. And, now I want to show you
one of my favorite things to pack on a cruise. And it’s this handy jewelry organizer. I
like to roll this up and stick it in my suitcase, and take all my jewelry and hair accessories
with me and leave it hanging in the closet so nothing gets lost. Pretty handy. Of course
up here we have life jackets. That’s not too exciting. Another thing that we’ve found
over the years that’s super convenient, and actually a little bit of a newer thing
for us is these magnetic wall hanging clips. As you can see they’re really magnetic.
Difficult to get off. What I like to do is put a little grab and run section here right
by the door. So we have a little sweatshirt here for our son because he runs cold in the
dining room. This is my shawl because I run cold in the dining room. And of course, who
would want to forget their cruise card holder. So this is where I keep my hand sanitizer,
my cruise card my coffee loyalty card, things like that. And this is just really nice, so
when you are running out of the door quickly you never forget anything. And last, but certainly
not least, lets take a look at how we organize our restroom. We are going to start with this
cool little door hanger here. This is just a clear plastic organizer that I got at Target
probably ten years ago, and it houses all the things that are kind of tiny that I don’t
want out on the counter top. So for example, nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, chapstick
first-aid equipment, and some toothbrushing, and vitamin type items. Now we are going to
take a look inside the bathroom. Carnival has some beautiful little glass shelves that
keep everything visible in your bathroom. So, up here, because it’s unlikely, hopefully,
that we’ll need it we have some medication for our child, because as we know, cruise
ships do not supply good medications for children. So, if he were to get sick with fever or allergy
we like to have these things on hand. So, we keep those here. Then of course, I have
some nail polish here – critical. And this is an area where we keep our toothpaste, a
little bit of makeup, things like that. Some vitamins. And we are going to switch over
to the other side here and look at these other glass shelves. And our second set of shelves
over here is grouped kind of by area. Up here we have all of our sun care products. And
then here I have hair care items. And this is just general skin care down here. Carnival
no longer provides any kind of toiletry item. So, of course, here in the shower. I don’t
know if you can see this. It’s a little bit tricky. They do have some shower gel,
and shampoo provided. But we like to bring our own bar soap, conditioner, and travel
size hair care products. If anyone is wondering, this is cabin 6262. And yes, I’m standing
in the shower. 6262 is an aft extended view balcony on the Carnival Miracle. And we are
going to close this video by taking a peek at the gorgeous view from the balcony. Thanks
for watching, and until next time, we’ll see you on the high seas. The um, er, eee,
probably going to have to start that over, huh?

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  1. I love your videos. we cruise about 3 times a year, as we already live in Ft Lauderdale, so…no flight fees. I've learned a great deal from you. I'm definitely stealing the pop up hampers, and having the attendant clear the fridge! I'm a Loyal Royal, but what is your favorite cruise line? I'm looking to try Princess next.

  2. I love your videos. we cruise about 3 times a year, as we already live in Ft Lauderdale, so…no flight fees. I've learned a great deal from you. I'm definitely stealing the pop up hampers, and having the attendant clear the fridge! I'm a Loyal Royal, but what is your favorite cruise line? I'm looking to try Princess next.

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