Costa Concordia shipwreck – 2nd phone call between captain and Coast Guard (english subtitles)

DE FALCO: I was meant to call the prosecutor, shit! DE FALCO: Hello? SCHETTINO: Yes? DE FALCO: This is De Falco from Livorno, Captain? SCHETTINO: [inaudible] DE FALCO: Hello? SCHETTINO: Yes, good evening, Captain. DE FALCO: Listen, this is De Falco from Livorno, is this the Captain? SCHETTINO: Yes, good evening, Captain De Falco, this is Schettino. DE FALCO: Please state your name. SCHETTINO: This is Captain Schettino, Captain. DE FALCO: Schettino? SCHETTINO: Yes. DE FALCO: Listen, Schettino: there are people trapped aboard. Now with your lifeboat you are to go
under the ship’s bow, forward part. There is a rope ladder. You are to climb on that
rope ladder and go aboard the ship. You go aboard the ship and then
report how many people there are. Is that clear?
I am recording this conversation, Captain Schettino. SCHETTINO: Right… Captain… let me tell you something… DE FALCO: Speak louder. SCHETTINO: Right, the ship… now… I am here, in front of… DE FALCO: Captain, speak louder! Put your hand in front of the microphone and speak louder! Is that clear? SCHETTINO: (Talking to other people) [inaudible]..with the lifeboat, get him here for a minute. Get him here. Get him here! SCHETTINO: Captain, so, right now, the ship is listing… DE FALCO: I get that! There are people… listen! There are people coming down the bow’s rope ladder. You are to go up that rope ladder, go aboard the ship and tell me how many people and what they have aboard! Is that clear? You tell me whether there are children, women or anyone in need of medical assistance. And you are to tell me how many there are in each of these categories. Is that clear? SCHETTINO: [silence] DE FALCO: Look Schettino, you may have survived the sea but I am going to take you… really very bad… I’ll give you a hell of a hard time. Go back aboard, for fuck sake! SCHETTINO: Captain… please… DE FALCO: No please! Now you go back aboard. Assure me you go back aboard. SCHETTINO: I am going here with the lifeboat, I am right down here, I haven’t gone anywhere. I am right here. I am.. DE FALCO: What are you doing Captain?! SCHETTINO: I am here to co-ordinate rescue operations… DE FALCO: What are you co-ordinating over there?! Go back aboard! Co-ordinate rescue operations aboard! SCHETTINO: [silence] DE FALCO: Are you refusing? SCHETTINO: No, no, I am not refusing… I DE FALCO: You are refusing to go back aboard, Captain! SCHETTINO: No, no, I am going… DE FALCO: Then tell me the reason why you are not going! SCHETTINO: I am not going because there is the other lifeboat that stopped… DE FALCO: YOU GO BACK ABOARD! That’s an order! You are not to make any other evaluation! You declared abandon ship, now I’m the one in charge! YOU GO BACK ABOARD! IS THAT CLEAR? SCHETTINO: Captain… DE FALCO: CAN’T YOU HEAR ME?! SCHETTINO: I’m going back aboard… DE FALCO: GO! SCHETTINO: [inaudible] DE FALCO: CALL ME AT ONCE WHEN ABOARD, MY RESCUE-SWIMMER IS THERE! SCHETTINO: Where is your rescue-swimmer? DE FALCO: MY RESCUE-SWIMMER IS ON THE BOW! COME ON! THERE ARE ALREADY CORPSES, SCHETTINO! COME ON! SCHETTINO: How many corpses are there? DE FALCO: I DON’T KNOW! I KNOW OF ONE! I HEARD OF ONE! YOU’RE THE ONE TO TELL ME HOW MANY, CHRIST! SCHETTINO: Do you realise it’s dark and we can’t see anythin… DE FALCO: SO WHAT, DO YOU WANT TO GO HOME, SCHETTINO? IT’S DARK AND YOU WANT TO GO HOME? SCHETTINO: What are you… DE FALCO: GO BACK ON THE SHIP’S BOW VIA THE ROPE LADDER AND TELL ME WHAT CAN BE DONE, HOW MANY PEOPLE THERE ARE, AND WHAT KIND OF ASSISTANCE THEY NEED. NOW! SCHETTINO: Captain… please… there’s also the second officer here.. DE FALCO: PARDON? SCHETTINO: I’m here with the second officer… DE FALCO: Then you both go back aboard. BOTH OF YOU! What’s his name? SCHETTINO: [inaudible] DE FALCO: WHAT’S HIS NAME? SCHETTINO: Dimitri… DE FALCO: DIMITRI WHAT? SCHETTINO: Dimitri Christidis… DE FALCO: You and your second officer, go back aboard. Now! Is that clear? SCHETTINO: Captain, I do want to go back aboard, only the other lifeboat here with the other rescuers here, it stopped… it stopped and it’s adrift.. Now.. I have called other rescuers… DE FALCO: You… you’ve been telling me that for an hour, now, YOU GO ABOARD. GO-ABOARD. And report, immediately report to me how many people there are. SCHETTINO: All right, Captain… I’m goin… DE FALCO: Go! At once! [hangs up]

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