Costa Concordia rescue operation phone records between captain and coast guard officer.

Captain Schettino: It’s Capt. Schettino. Port Authority: Schettino, listen to me, there
are people trapped onboard, now you go back, you will go with your rescue boat under the
stern of the ship, there are some steps, you climb those steps and you get onboard and
you get back to me letting me know how many people are on board. Is that clear to you?
I am actually recording this conversation captain. [inaudible, captain mumbles] PA: Speak in a loud voice. Captain: So, the ship right now [inaudible]… PA: Speak in a loud voice! Put your hand by
the microphone to cover it and speak up! Is that clear? Voices in the background: “Tell him to come
here. Tell him to come here.” Captain: So, right now the ship is tiltedů PA: I understand that. Listen to me, there
are people that are getting off using the rope ladder on the stern side, you go back
there and you go up that ladder the opposite way, you go onboard the ship and you tell
me how many people [are there] And what they need. You tell me if there are children, women
or people that need assistance and you give me a number for each one of these categories
is that clear? Look Schettino, you may have saved yourself from the sea but we will put
you through a lot of trouble Ś it will be very bad for you! Get back on board for [expletive]’s
sake!!! Captain: Officer, please. PA: There are no “pleases”! Get back on board!
Please assure me that you are going back on board. Captain: I am here on the rescue boat. I’m
right here, I didn’t go anywhere else, I’m here. PA: What are you doing captain? Captain: I’m here to coordinate rescue operations. PA: What are you coordinating? Get back on
board and coordinate rescue operations from onboard the ship.
[silence, sound cuts out] PA: Do you refuse to do that? Captain: No, I’m not refusing to do that. PA: Are you refusing to back on board? Captain: No, I am not refusing to go back.
I am not going because the other rescue boat stopped. PA: Get back on board! This is an order! You
don’t need to make any other assessment. You have declared that you have abandoned ship,
therefore I’m in command. Get back on board right now is that clear? Captain: Officerů PA: Can you not hear me? Captain: I’m getting back on board. PA: Then go! And call me right away when you
are on board. There’s my rescuer there. Captain: Where is your rescuer? PA: My rescuer is on the stern side, go! There
are already bodies, Schettino! Go! Captain: Officer how many bodies are there? PA: I don’t know. I know about oneů I’ve
heard about one, but you must tell me! [expletive]! Captain: Do you realize it’s dark out here
and we can’t see anything? PA: What do you want to do ? Do you want to
go home? It’s dark so you want to go home? Get on the stern of that ship climb the ladder
and tell me what can be done, how many people are there and what they need. Right now! Captain: I’m here with my second officer. [Schettino identifies second officer.] PA: You and your second officer must get back
on board right now is that clear? Captain: I just wanted to tell you that the
other rescue boat here with other rescuers stopped. It’s just stopped. Now I’ve called
the other rescuers. PA: You’ve been telling me the same thing
for an hour now get back on board! On board! And you get back to me right away telling
me how many people are there. Captain: It’s fine officer, I’m going. PA: Then go, right now!

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