Coronavirus Quarantined Cruise Ship Floating Prison (2020)

He has announced this morning that 61 people in total on this ship have now tested positive for the coronavirus Okay, a total of 61 (stay tuned) people on board this ship Are now being tested positive for the coronavirus This is life in the Philippines breaking news alert What was supposed to be a luxury cruise is turned into a floating prison Passengers aboard the diamond princess the ship has been placed on the two-week quarantine following an outbreak on board of the deadly coronavirus It has killed more than 800 people in China (music playing)….. Good morning, And I’ve got an update for you Alongside the ship right now. We are still moored in Yokohama. We’ve been taking on provisions and so on but ambulances have now arrived alongside the ship the only way I know that because we are on the Starboard side. The only way that I know that is the captain has announced that ambulances have arrived But he cannot let us passengers know the reason until he has been allowed to inform passengers by the Japanese Health Authority now Someone who is becoming an important acquaintance of mine From the news world and that is Simon from The Washington Post. I Said earlier I wasn’t going to name anybody. But this is with Simon’s approval. Okay Simon of The Washington Post He’s been really brilliant in getting information from the government from the people who know what’s going on and the Japanese Health Minister I’m gonna struggle pronouncing this Katsunobukato Okay, he is the Japanese Health Minister he has announced this morning that 61 people in total on this ship have now tested positive for the coronavirus Okay a total of 61 people onboard This ship have now been tested positive for the corona virus now It’s not the captain’s fault that he has not announced this he can only release information when it’s been authorized by the Chairman Japanese Health Authority my question is, how that Why are the Japanese Health Authority Releasing the information to the world and not permitting the captain to tell his people? You know to me it’s just wrong. It’s not right. It’s so unfair So thank you Simon for passing that information (music playing)…. Other passengers posted images some parts of meals Food and face masks and a once-bustling common area now early deserted on Wednesday night She was allowed to dock at the Japanese border the city of Yokohama and take on much-needed supplies Medical teams aboard have been screening passengers for signs of the virus so far 70 passengers have been diagnosed with coronavirus strain and have been removed and taken to the hospital (music playing)…………… A Towering presence run like the wind be a king or a queen Life in the Philippines (music playing)………..

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  2. That means even after the 14 days…some will still be infected just not showing symptoms thus infecting others who pass screenings! Why did they say before ten were infected?


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  4. This is crazy. I get paranoid when people sneeze. I even ask them if they got corona, lol. It’s getting that way here.

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