Coronavirus Precautions

Greetings! Sailors, Marines and families. I am Read Adm. Bruce Gillingham. As Sergeant General for our
Navy and Marine Corps team, I want to take a few moments to talk with you about the novel, or new coronavirus. This is the virus that was first detected in Wuhan, China, and has been in the new recently. Our Department of Defense and Navy leadership
have been actively engaged on this issue, to help protect you and your family. The guidance and procedures we are following are closely coordinated with
our iterations seek-partners, specially the Center for Disease, Control and Prevention, or CDC. This insures accurate and
timely information is available and appropriate measures are taken to
prevent potential spread of the virus. Based on the information we have at this time, the overall threat of contracting the novel coronavirus, outside of China, is low. Colds and influenza are far more common. Navy and Marine Corps personnel and their
families who have recently traveled to China, should be aware of respiratory
symptoms, such as: fever, cough, sore throat, or difficulty breathing. Should a service member or family member
who has recently traveled to China, experience any of these symptoms, they should call ahead to their medical provider, to receive additional instructions for clinical care. There’s currently no vaccine
to prevent the novel coronavirus. The best way to prevent infection
is to avoid exposure to this virus. To help prevent the spread of viruses, the CDC recommends the following: Avoiding close contact with people who are sick. Avoid touching your eyes, nose,
and mouth with unwashed hands. Washing your hands often with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds, or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. The readiness of our force and families
requires insuring we are all in the best health, to perform out duties and take care of our families. If you do become ill, take the right
actions to keep others from getting sick. When you are sick, stay home or
follow your local sick call procedures. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, and then discard of the tissue in the trash. Clean and disinfect frequently
touched objects and surfaces. And know this, my team is working on this situation, is in frequent contact with every Navy
and Marine Corps medical department and facility around the world. Every health care provider in the Navy and Marine
Corps is being provided the latest information and treatment recommendations. If we do what is necessary to
protect ourselves and our families, we can avoid illness, stay healthy, and complete our missions. Be smart about you travel, your travel precautions, and what you can do to protect
yourself, and your family. Remember this, Navy medicine is here for you. If you need help, or have additional questions, please contact you local medical representative. The CDC website has the latest and
the most up-to-date information. Navy and Marine Corps public health center website, also has information on the novel coranavirus. Thank your attention to this
important health information. Just as you defend our country, 24/7, Navy medicine will continue to work around
the clock to protect you and your families We have the medical watch.

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  1. Greeting from Hong Kong, it is kind of worrying to see the US Marines post a video with formal instructions.

    The first confirmed fatal case happened yesterday. People here are panicking, the Gov't still refuses to close the border between Hong Kong and China. Being paranoid is always better than too little too late.

  2. This looks like something you see in Zombie movies, where the Government is trying to calm everyone down before WWZ breaks out

  3. What makes it worse is when all of china goes to the hospital to get checked and they all catch it standing in line. Rumor has it that it targets Asian males because of a certain receptor in the genetics.

  4. Really hope you guys can stop this from getting here, I'm still on the path toward joining and would hate to loose my chance to join the most powerful fighting force the world will have ever known.

  5. I'm sorry but this "accurate information" you are talking about Is not accurate at all as china censored info and lost the ability to count Infected people due to the situation itself. Please listen to scientists not governments

  6. So basically just stay home and treat it like a flu or any other sickness. It's not that bad. It's less deadly than influenza and Tebriculosus has killed more people than the Corona virus this year alone. It's literally a flu that gets worse if you don't take care of it. It has only spread so far in China because of how dense the population is. Just like all cities sickness and diseases run rampant in the poor conditions. So long as you stay dry, clean, and healthy you are gonna be fine.

  7. This is what they did in China. They down played the threat of the virus to it's citizens… then 5 days later, the whole city was on lockdown and people were caught off guard

  8. It’s all a lie: there’s a vaccination and it has been clinically tested (successfully) back in 2018! There is an article written by the German department of health which was released back in April 2018 in their newsletter number 89

    The world population control specialists aka Pharma industry is just trying out new viruses to control the population ….

  9. 50% of comments are people just saying the marines are great
    30% are coronavirus memes
    And 20% is just people actually talking about it.

  10. Tencent leak suggests coronavirus death toll spiraling to 25,000. Don't trust the government. They lie to the people.

  11. ₜₕₑ ᵥᵢᵣᵤₛ ᵢₛ Wₒᵣₛₑ ₜₕₐₙ Wₑ ₐᵣₑ BₑᵢₙG ₗₑₐD ₜₒ Bₑₗᵢₑᵥₑ

    Check out my latest upload to my channel about the disturbing truth not being air by mainstream media

  12. The virus will eventually die out. It might spread further but it won’t go far into becoming a world-ending plague like the Black Death in 13th century Europe.

    We had those same thoughts about smallpox, H1N1, AIDS/HIV, Ebola, etc. and guess what? We survived. You can expect the same outcome with the Coronavirus as time passes.

  13. Good ole bullshit government with their disinformation 😂 over 30,000 are dead and I'm sure over 100 k are infected. Theres going to be a huge outbreak and a push for a new vaccine. The end is so near. Accept Jesus Christ, and you wont have to worry about the hell that everyone will soon be living in.

  14. No one talks about "Event 201" or "the anglo saxxon mission" predicted this 10 years ago. Also how it's a man made bio weapon and how it got stolen from a ebsl 4 virology facility in Canada. All this is part of stage 3 after this is Israel attacking Iran and china in peril get ready for ww3 after that is a deep state funded military one world gov. Those that are sheep will follow those that are wolves will hunt the sheep.

  15. Really…. My beloved Corp is worried about this virus? Let's be honest VD is WAYYYY more common, a devil dog will ** anything.

  16. C'OR'= Symbol C, and or. ON'=it's on, AV'=path, IR= not negotionable, US' all of us. Hawaiian shows, a settled nation– in health.

  17. Man, I never get such, even while in uniform? UCMJ failed, and he, lied! VA does, the same. Mixed–female self, knowledge of–taught. Terrorism

  18. I get, no information of, an illegal DD-214 — or why, I, cannot receive surgery? Lines are illegal. And it's just, now started– real scope in. Multinational.

  19. >Actively engaged in protecting us
    Meanwhile in real life
    Pentagon withholding funds from Army’s top medical bio and chem labs

  20. I'm still not convinced about the precautions to be taken. Those 3 are my general precautions. I needed to hear something specific to avoid coronavirus.

  21. Thank you for this! The World Health Organization has the same recommendations. Try to keep distance of at least 3 feet from people who coughs or sneeze if possible, wash hands after coughing, before putting on mask, before touching your face, before eating, before preparing or handling food.

    CDC has this recommendations if you get sick:

  22. Face it, you've been watching other videos on this subject and kinda shit yourself when you noticed this is from the Marines youtube channel.

    The next question is , how much tax money did this cost? Wtf do yall have a youtube channel for? Who thought this was a good use of time and money? Wtf?!?

  23. Don’t worry it’s just the flu.
    Never mind that we’re wearing biohazard gear that looks like it’s out of a movie.
    There’s nothing unusual about treating patients with robots. It’s not like it’s unusually contagious.
    It’s perfectly normal for China to build a hospital in 10 days with hospital rooms for patients that lock on the outside but with
    no way to lock unlock them from the inside.
    And taking peoples temperature randomly can absolutely catch infected people and help stop the spread. Even if they don’t show symptoms for up to 14 days while infected.
    And the death toll isn’t that bad. I mean when you compare the amount of people who have died to the amount of people
    who are still sick instead of comparing them to the people who have fully recovered the death toll is very low.

    It’s just the flu, don’t panic, just keep going to work and paying your taxes to your very functional and honest government.
    Fear not the poor will be taken care of by our amazing public health system.

    Seriously I’m a former Woman Marine and I am telling all of you that this is what managing decline looks like.
    Don’t count on the government. Protect yourselves. Mask up.

  24. You say the flu is worse and kills more ? No one closes entire cities and quarantines 200 million for the average joe blow run of the mill flu sorry to tell ya but we ain’t that stupid I know This video didn’t even state this but everyone keeps saying I’m crazy and to relax bc the flu kills more hel no this corona virus has prolly killed 100 k keep in mind 200 million people is like everyone in America in quarantine that’s what China has right now !!!!!!

  25. Funny that YouTube includes a "fake news, check this link for approved information" tab to the WHO site on an official US military information video…

  26. It's only a level 4 bio-weapon. Tri-care for active duty and Jameson for the vets. Seriously though….stay clean you friggin dog-gone nasties!!

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