Confusing Google Survey Part 2 YouTube Studies

okay I started a second video so it’s
this is asking I’m doing my survey it’s asking me in my age and I’m recording
the screen what’s the name of your main YouTube channel tjw 1963 this is
actually the brand that I picked when I was in college
what is the okay let’s let’s go here and that’s probably the easiest to get to or
here let’s see let’s see if I can oh good grief the sheet barn okay let’s see if I can
get to my videos here yes there it says at tjw 1963 and so this is the
subscriber view and so I’m using my touchscreen here control V so that’s as
a subscriber so I’m just gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna subscribe I’m gonna backspace
that out and just leave it right there like that how often do you publish or
upload content to your main youtube channel over the last month well I would
say everyday I would say probably everyday it could be everyday or it
could be both I’m gonna say everyday which categories best describe the
content on your main channel it’s gonna be all of them ah every single one of
them every one of these is on my main channel how many subscribers do you have
on your main channel let’s see here it’s this one
between that okay so which of the following best describes your goals for
your YouTube channel I like making videos I want YouTube to be my full-time
job but I don’t really want Fame that that’s most fitting on for me that’s how
I’ve always felt I I want to make videos my full-time job but I don’t really want
and I I’ve always felt that way let’s let’s read the other two though the
other ones I want to be famous on YouTube and work full-time making videos
I want to work on YouTube to lead to a career in the industry like media gaming
fashion and others and so I want to make YouTube my full-time job but I don’t
really want Fame but the truth is nope we can’t select all of them there
because in some ways there could be various parts that could be applicable
to to these goals there there could be you know I just like making videos and I
have important ideas to share and knowledge to share that’s a good one all
of them are actually good so we should be able to select all of them but we
can’t so the truth is at any given time any one of these but – this is the one I
selected I want to make YouTube my full-time job but I don’t really want
fame I really don’t you know I mean I realize there are certain things that
come along with certain things but what’s certain okay how old am i forty
to fifty okay so my age group my age is not even on here forty to fifty sixty to
seven please confirm your age one more time okay so my age is not on there so
we’ve got thirteen to seventeen eighteen to thirty forty to fifty sixty to
seventy and eighty so what one am I gonna pick
let’s my age is actually not on there so I’m I’m just gonna pick fifty cuz I’m
still in the 50s so I’m gonna pick two forty to fifty cuz mine is actually my
exact age is actually missing and you guys saw that in there okay you
indicated you’re you are eighteen or older and you are the Guardian of at
least one time I didn’t pick I didn’t actually pick that I didn’t I put no you
are the Guardian of at least one child in your household between the ages of
five to seventeen who is either featured on a YouTube channel watches YouTube
videos with you on a weekly basis or has an interest in creating you
videos no I’m an adult YouTube creator with artists without children as
described above but I do have a dog that is four years old so he’s my fur baby
child let’s do other I’m gonna select other I
have a I have a four year old fur baby I have a full year four year old fur baby
who is my child who is my child and baby I care for okay
is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your household
before completing the survey please do not include sensitive personal
information such as ethnicity marital status health or political affiliation
now I can’t think I can’t let’s do this I can’t see a aunt think thing of
anything else anything else at this time but I will write to to you at the e-mail
address and the survey okay ok Google ok Google came up ok Google
wait a minute I want to make sure I got to get the e in there okay because
that’s that’s part of my perfectionism ok thank you so much for taking the time
to complete this survey a team member will contact you when we have studies
that match your profile they’re profiling me oh good god they’re
profiling me this is a reminder that the data collected by the survey will only
be used for our YouTube team to invite you to participate in YouTube research
your privacy and that of your family these results will be deleted after six
months unless you choose to read your per – well I selected a year though
I don’t know it seems to be screwing up Google is fucking up so after six months
unless you choose to renew your participation in our studies when we
reach out to you so if you no longer wish to participate in YouTube teen and
family studies please email your request to create a research at so
now it’s switched from now it’s YouTube’s research and Family Studies

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