Concrete Canoe at UC Davis

Hello I’m Cristina Pedroncelli I am one of the project managers for concrete canoe. It’s a club at UC Davis. We make a canoe that fits four people we make a new one every year which is a lot of work it cost at least 2,000 dollars to build a canoe so the first part of the year we are fundraising and we are asking sponsors for donations for mixed materials and
construction materials this year on time so we’re we are finishing our boat with less delay than normal in order to make the bow practice uh.. making a mix that has the correct strength and is buoyant ’cause we need the boat to float. and in January we pour the boat which means 14 hours uhm the whole day we are making a boat and padding it on to our mold Which we make out of foam and it’s about half an inch thick, our boat will end up half an inch thick. and hopefully float. We worked really hard Sanding it and staining it and making it look beautiful and getting it ready for competition So hi my name is Angela and I am a first year. I found out about this club when I was in my ECI 3 class which is like introduction to Civil Engineering. And they just came to talk to us and I thought it was really interesting about the concept of just building an entire concrete out of canoe and seeing whether it float or not. My name is Gabby Hernandez and I am the mix captain for this years concrete canoe team. I’ve been on the team for 3 years now and it’s
been a great experience I learned what concrete is and through it I was able to talk to one of the professors here on campus who does a lot of concrete research and I am now doing research for him too. Hi my name is Abi Guzman. I have been with concrete canoe for 2 years Some of the things that I really like about the club is that the diversity that you can get from doing concrete canoe. So there is a lot of structural stuff. I myself am the treasure and I help out with design. So right now we get to work on the display board and showcase our art work The reason why I stayed with concrete canoe is because I get to apply what I learn in class in an actual project and it’s something like a break from school work and you get to see a finish product at the end and so I think that’s the best part having, being able to see something from a design in the early fall to an actual canoe. Anyone can join this club. We meet every
Saturday at 10 a.m. till around noon sometimes later. We also have other meetings throughout the week on Fridays, Thursdays and Wednesdays sometimes. You can always get more
information by emailing [email protected] See you there!

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