Complete the swimming time trials, locations, Dive Mission | Fortnite

Hi guys so today we’re going to be doing
the complete swimming time trials that lazy Lake
luckily I’m in well I’m in team room one and luckily my side the blue side is
starting off here so I’ll just get off here the first one I’m going to do with
this one which will be around about here the dock here and basically once you’ve
completed the time trial that’s one of two if I get off let me and hopefully everyone here will be my
teammates very unlikely that people here will not be my teammates so I’m gonna do
is just carry on so the time trial is just here so you just activate it and
then you just swim Samantha each one and then when you got it that’s one of
two so I’m gonna catch this let’s see
and now can’t go back but we’ll go for another
time to number just say if I could take this okay so the next time trial is quite
soom in laser lake the next time trial is here but there’s a waterfall so I’ll
have to drive the boat over and possibly do that so I guess we’re going off up here
get off the boat and this is the second one so we will take most of this activate the time trial and that’s two time trials full swimming
completed thank you so much watching and I’ll talk to guys in the next one

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