Common wakeboarding problems with Parker Siegele & Bec Gange | Club Marine

Bec Gange: Hey, I’m Bec Gange, and I’m from
Mildura in Victoria, I’m a pro wake boarder and I was the 2014 World Champion. Parker Siegele: Parker Siegele here, current
national champion, from the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Bec Gange: So here’s a couple of things that
can go wrong when you’re out in the water and here’s a few pointers to make your day
more enjoyable. Bec Gange: Yeah, power turns are just really
big, fast turns, around the river. When someone falls, when you do a power turn
you’re actually leaving your rider open in the water. So that’s more dangerous for the rider because
other boats will be coming through, and you’re not on the line that you were going. Bec Gange: So power turns really upsets the
water, other riders. It’s actually quite dangerous, especially
when it’s busy out in the river. Parker Siegele: Yeah, one common problem with
going out in the boat is not having enough fuel. So, at the start of the day just make sure
you’re all filled up. Because you can get out there and lose track
of time, and before you know it, it’s empty. As long as you have enough fuel, you’ll always
be safe out there. Bec Gange: So ropes and props don’t go well
together. So I’ve done it a fair few times when I’m
not concentrating. Once the prop gets a hold of the rope, that’s
it, your ropes buggered and you’ve got to buy a new one. And yeah, it’s no fun. So yeah, just make sure you know where your
rope is, even when the riders finish, get the observer to roll it in so the rope’s in
the boat. Bec Gange: Being out in the boat for a whole
day can be fun for everybody, your crew and everything, but there’s always that one person
that actually owns the boat that had to pay for everything. They clean everything. So if you’re heading out on someone’s boat,
just make sure you bring supplies, some food, some fuel, some drinks, so some water and
stuff, just make it a fun day. Parker Siegele: Another common mistake when
out on the water is actually leaving your rider behind. Because sometimes you might have your observer,
they might be on their phone, not really paying attention. Yeah and before you know it the rider’s fallen
and they’re halfway down the river. Parker Siegele: So, yeah always keep a lookout
to see if they’ve fallen and you can get back to them safely, before other boats come out
near them. Parker Siegele: Also, another common problem
is people not knowing their routes on the river or waterway. What you want to do is stick to the right
side, or just off center to the right side, unless it’s unsafe. Parker Siegele: A lot of this stuff that we’re
talking about is common sense, so if you stick by all these then you’re going to be safe
on the water no matter what.

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