Coastal Callouts – US Coast Guard LIVE Patrol | GTA 5 LSPDFR Live Stream 132

alright guys I am starting up the stream
now I hope you guys are having a great night so far just gotta make sure it
pops up on YouTube so I know we are alive you know make sure there’s some
issues with connectivity and all that good stuff so any second now it should
be coming up onto YouTube there we go it’s a loading so everything should be
good let’s post there and let’s roll that intro Oh friend oh geez
let’s just tap this guy right there get in the car get in the car okay thank you
bulletproof windows get down on the ground Welcome to mikegolden Games and welcome
back to another LSPDFR live stream this one we are trying out Coastal
Call-outs so I this is basically the first time we’re actually doing this
I got it installed earlier today took a little bit to get installed it’s a
little complicated because you got to do LM L the Lennie’s mod loader think it’s
new I haven’t used it before so we’ll see how this goes I hope you guys will
enjoy this one let me know what you think in the lab chat hello Paul Jake
thank you for joining the stream so like I said we are gonna be patrolling as the
US Coast Guard for coastal call-outs so let’s just get on our boat here and I
can’t seem to get a partner mod to work at least for the other boat so we’ll see
how this one goes without a partner oh it’s a uh Ning ker ignore those loud
sirens I’m gonna try my best not to use them but it looks like we are good so
okay little lag glitchyness there no big deal but so this is the but we’re using
it is the Coast Guard defender it’s got a machine gun up front there which I
don’t think we can actually use even though that would be awesome if they
could make the mod where we’re actually allowed to use that gun because that
would be amazing buzzer this is the cabin of the boat I
think it looks pretty detailed and I think that door on the side there opens
up to maybe I have to use the extras menu on the vehicle customizations to do
that but anyways this is the boat we’re gonna be patrolling in if you want me to
switch something else but maybe a helicopter because there are new
helicopters they have I think there’s an old and a new ac-130 not sure what the
difference is I’m just guessing the legacy model of that taking on the water
hopefully sometimes working anyways let’s see what kind of call-outs
we can do right now again ignore those loud sirens this disabled vessel
registered fireworks show firework show fling boat pursuit offshore plane crash dispatch to all Coast Guard unit we’ve
got an SOS call a low-flying aircraft needs assistance no tears and Eric learn to practice those Juke and Rollins thank you guys
oh there’s the plate right now like at first
when we hit the waves it’s not a person a visual on the plane they are getting
closer trying to catch up to them to make sure
we are right there when they land they got a lot of smoke and your accuracy briefing an opening is that we are getting closer right now while they are going down water running gotta be scary oh you’re getting seasick oh yeah I mean
these waves are really you think I’m not the first person right
and it’d be really worse I don’t know why they’re going away from
land honestly they should be heading towards land not going to grab a seat and they’re about to get water yes
probably shouldn’t have just a bad idea our Coast Guard Sector Oh buoy hold on I
need to jump in we’re the people I’d see a helmet where the people go oh okay
come on get over there again this is the first time I’ve done this so
I don’t know if this is gonna work quick grab all right let’s grab him here
bring him back to the he left he had left a button to release and I put him in the boat again
first time doing this like don’t know a I have no idea what I’m doing guys if
you know what to do let me know cuz I don’t know the key commanded get this
guy picked up by press G flip it a spread to kill oh stop I’ve had requests
Animal Control let’s stop the pet that’s do you guys know if kosu call-outs can
flips with stop the pet because there’s the same key commands that leave the
trick ctrl G and then this is the main command I Gogi shift gee maybe there we go and
then can I put him in the boat Jada place in the boat there we cannot
find Idol Ted he just disappeared I think that’s not good wait says he’s
been placed in the so here we’ve recovered the pilot at the downed
aircraft good job buzzes a rescue transport them
okay so it was the only pilot there was nobody else on the plane
copy that so again it’s a little glitchy just because there’s conflicts of mods
that looks really good hit that like button if you do enjoy this episode by
the way it may be kids you’re subscribing if you haven’t already
anyways see we need to take this guy we’ll take
him back to here it looks like all right so now we gotta get back to land man we
are really far off you know for the sake of the stream and
to keep things moving I’ll just teleport us closer because so far everything seems to be working
good you know still just a little confusing because first time I’ve used
it all right so we’re dropping him off he’s gonna get taken down to the
hospital and then interviewed oh there’s the new ambulance I’m Scott last week
looking pretty freaking awesome I got to say I like how the doors are slowly
opening am I supposed to do something here what did I just say I just said
everything seems to be working really good and okay
there we go thank you okay let me just back out here boys you’re you’re good
let’s order gasoline even though technically for this vehicle we don’t
need to we’ll keep our headlights on it’s fine
that’s it you said are they sending we’ll ignore them
anyways let’s see what’s the next one most of call-outs and we’re getting
refueled okay I don’t know how long it’s gonna take to refuel shouldn’t be long any second there we go
I think you sir have a nice trip okay so they didn’t fully fill us up they gave
us half a tank rescue training should we just do rescue training guys
hello sento thank you for joining the stream I think will be russki trainings
defeated is but let me know in the whale again I think there’s like a 30-second
delay between the stream in the live chat I guess the black hawk or Jayhawk oh oh
why did it spawn us in the air holy crap that was scary beautiful I think beached whale will give each
whale after the capsized I want to try that one port either way
you do either get over here try this tree as well again ignore that
it’s just Moffat has been set up this beautiful female we have a menu again boys why are we crashing lights okay it’s not
where you guys going okay it was the boat driving off against
medical it’s not on maybe because I’d hit that okay you know what and now we have this is work Yolo let’s just switch back to the boat
because again first time messing with this mod go back you ah so let’s do the beached whale hello
oceans may Thank You Man for joining the stream there’s a run boat Coast Guard
it’s the US Coast Guard are you guys gonna stop need you guys to
stop the boat right there stop the boat all right so let’s pull up
next to these guys okay let’s anchor same key commands always messed me up
you know maybe I should stop or switch the traffic stop button to a different
key because that always seems to mess me up
now we’re anchored in okay let me try to stop these guys again not a bad idea it’s been sitting there
for you days – all right you guys need to pull over
stop the boat right now and anchor up the US Coast Guard I’m not messing
around okay be able to do it this time
it’s falling no stop following me dude now stop the boat okay there we go an anchor the boat in
now really there we go what you guys doing you almost hit me
okay you guys stay right there all right guys wanna tell me what’s going on US
Coast dude don’t even try me Coast Guard get down on the ground on the ground
dude the other guys jumping in the water are you freaking serious okay well now
you’re going to jail because you wanted to fight me we got this guy in the water
– all right let’s try and get this guy out of the water first
come here buddy trying to rest in it’ll let us how does make the tape oh I almost got
hit in the face okay can I not actually arrest a pet in
the water that’s not that’s not good okay anyways it lets pushing together
what is that boat doing geez you’re under arrest okay I didn’t click the
button there or anything what why did it what is going on oh he just ground
that’s not good what is get I am literally not even touching the
controller right now I don’t know what the heck’s goin I just copped the
drownded get what we go okay that boat just hit the other boat oh here’s the
guy oh okay well uh nobody saw that right let’s get back to the surface well
son of a bitch because that guy you know this is gonna turn into a bad cop Patrol
okay that was sick there we go we were never here boys we
were never here so let’s get over to that let’s see the beached whale is where all
the way down there okay so I’m just gonna be Ike’s that’s a little scary there we go okay just trying to fix my
net I don’t okay so what I’m Julianne Moore or
Julianne Moore thank you for joining the stream I don’t know what those guys the other Bibble whale our ransom the debtor alive again trying to save this win oh there it is yikes okay now boys let’s
get over this way and we’ll anchor okay let’s check out this beached whale
jumping in okay help deal with the beached we’ll talk to the first
responders oh man these cars look freakin sick nice so like with the
coastal call outs Mota it actually installs a bunch of new cars and outfits
as well let’s get a park ranger that’s a Coast Guard as well sanitation
workers hey guys what’s going on as you can see we’ve got a messy
situation now this guy’s an engineer all right we started getting calls about 30
minutes ago about this whale washing up we had a marine biologist check it out
it’s not gonna make it oh that sucks oh we need your help to deal with the
carcass we can’t leave it here the Cullens he favors the boys executive
sent a big truck and our friends at the port sent a loader
you could try loading it up and they can take care of it for us we’ve also got a
few options for you my maintenance crew brought a couple of cousins there a
couple dozers in I also got a truck full of dynamite you know for construction
dynamite it is you can try pushing it back out to see and it might drift away
or you could just try below and get it up the pieces should be small enough for
the goals to finish off none of the options are great but it’s what we got
why don’t you go ahead and get started we’ll be over here if you need us integrating it with explosives could do
something about the beached whale options okay how do I choose before the resident single citizen
it would be nice if it actually showed up on my mini-map you got the blue there
where’s the red you guys know where the red is why not blow it up I want to see what
happens and somebody else said try blowing it up earlier all right here we
go a little sketchy I don’t know why these
guys have explosives hey how am I supposed to there we go
press T to place an explosives rinse clothes on the beach side of the whale
to blow it towards the ocean when you finish first G to detonate okay so we’re
gonna place multiple explosions all right boys back away this whale is going
sky-high you guys need to step away this is gonna be a big explosion oh boy it is
definitely not dynamite that is sequel there there
you guys need to back away can I have you guys back away okay I need you guys
to get out of here wait let me tell these guys to get out of here yeah get
out here dude let’s go they out of troubles get away from the blast zone
let’s do this was a warning all you get out of here guys
crap wait and let’s get the park ranger out of here as well you know dude get
out come on stay out of trouble thank you for the seat for you too dude
pull dear come on you’re gonna get blown up if you don’t move yes that’s a
problem why is this guy still here it doesn’t seem like it wants to interact
with the Partridge this was a warning okay now that he’s away let’s see if I
can tell this guy to go hey traitor don’t make me use this okay that’s not
good he’s gonna get blown up so anyways let’s stand back let’s let’s get a good
view of this that looks good okay fire in the hole three two one you have
not yet placed enough explosives near what how many explosives do I need okay another one there yeah I don’t know how
many explosives that wants me to place but I’ll keep placing more it should be
enough but place another one there number one here okay think that should
be good all right now fire in the hole three two
one Oh 25 seconds okay stand back from the
blast okay so now everybody’s running it could
have told me there’s gonna be a delay so I didn’t have to manually try to get
them out of there hopefully I’m not too close maybe I’ll stand back it’s gonna be loud boys six five four
three two one that was a massive explosion oh no
that’s not good beached whale call out is code for
resume Patrol all right my job’s done we got some grilled whale looks good looks
good nobody sees anything we’re good let’s
get back it underwater damn that was crazy
we’ve been hilarious if they actually showed it exploded those monkeys
we’re just to cut off a poof of red smoke you know like poof of red mist
anyways and what was the other one I wanted to do any available Coast Guard
unit citizens report a vessel in distress for males no females how could
that dispatch on the other side of the frickin
State damn we’re deep we are really deep nobody sees that nobody sees that right What did he say I didn’t see what he
said anyways let’s get over this way so you got a capsized boat and knock it
over here now let’s get our life what do you guys think of the stream so
far I’m a it feels pretty decent for the first time playing close to call outs
and so far I think it’s really awesome for kayak what is that killer whales
what the coastal call-outs add animals to pretty sure they had them in part of the
mod alright this is gonna be a little sketch I think they’re inside this
little camping we have a minute we got a visual on one
kayaker located a victim okay kin this boat not turn anymore okay know what let’s just hang on right
up here there we go did not mean to kick that there let’s jump in the water see
where he is a man US Coast Guard how’s it going man I’m here to help in over to the boat and see if we can
place him inside see if it works like the last time that’s had to go put breath tad what did I do that did I do to get him
in the boat yeah Network this menu Oh menu go
straight back thank you oh it’s not capsized well I don’t know there’s
supposed to be four boats I mean kayaks this guy in the boat look
at all victims rescue them all right rescue them how do I do that it’s not this part of stop wait
that’s not gonna work either okay well we got one guy so we’ll just have him
there again I’m gonna have to look into this Howell actually do a lot of these
key commands because this is the first time I’ve done this let’s try and locate
the other high actors and I don’t know why they call this he’s
literally right next to the lion I guess you can’t really get up over
here Danny we got anybody over here thanks Rox we’ll get another pie after
over here see I don’t know if it’s supposed to be
the G key or not grab him here oh no I didn’t anchor the
boat oh dear so I know give me a second let me look up the key commands really
quick if I can find think it’s because this is annoying I should be able to get
this guy in the boat I got it the work earlier alright whatever
I don’t know we’ll just get back in here Plus animal control see that’s not right
this guy I will they can’t even call him here he back I’m just missing then stay
out of trouble and our boat is moving towards water
it’s better get all six other guys there I
just feel like we should just cancel this car what target are the civilian
fatalities and let’s all units we have a possible one forty eight of the eastern
coast let’s go around this way seeing guys me um I work that was weary in the south part go astray and I will do the stolen train
in a minute we’ll see how that is what happened looks like Coast Guard boat over here
actually arrested the guy as soon as we get unseen it is catching all unity we
have a suspect resisting arrest stop the boat u.s. Coast Guard stop the boat please stop the boat this is the u.s. Coast
Guard beat this is the US Coast Guard stop the boat right now dude to get really bad for you Oh shots fired we got this boys we got this again I
don’t know how attempting to shoot out the motor yummy come on pull the boat over there we go he’s stopping to stop it
when I’m next to him alright stop the boat dude just stop right there you are
under arrest by the US Coast Guard keep your hands where we can see them
dude you need to anchor up now this guy’s not English I’m gonna try to stop get my sag announcer watch your hands
dude no don’t jump in the water you kidding me dude Wow
what was that legit just committed suicide what what yeah that could have
been bad so I don’t know why he jumped out like
that doesn’t make sense what is going on why are we moving on they hooked okay boys hold on yikes okay
I did not realize that they hooked onto the boat okay I guess doing 80 miles per
hour yeah let’s see what happens you know whilst they tough we’re getting
a helicopter yep we that Jacob is way worse Maggie no idea how we’re supposed to do this I
think we’re supposed to oh thank you Jaden
that sure for subscribing man yikes I think what we need to do is
basically proof repelled down onto the screen Yoga wit wagons get out shoot Oh get up get up no stop moving no
what are you doing go go go all right
got it straight I am making that wait oh no yikes
oh well dang that’s some bullsh let’s see they have some Coast Guard probably
not set up so it doesn’t have any sirens
that’s not a big deal honestly I think that’s up to the screen get in front of it
yeah I’m not really sure ours was do this
under then I don’t know the tree physics in the game really what
is neutralized it is let’s see that get out there we go all right here we go get up here got another guy in here
u.s. Coast Guard step out of the train right now show me your hands the swap you don’t want to stop we suspect you
guys match we did it okay so I guess that’s how
it’s done because typically if you shoot the you know train conductor the train
will just keep going and it’ll speed up and whatever but with this call-out I
guess it actually stops by itself just nice all right
dispatch we are good for on this one two suspects neutralized let’s get out here
and we’ll call up do you want to see next guys there we’ll end the call I thought it might be small or something officer plane crash did that the yacht
fire I tried earlier and I couldn’t seem to put the fire out so I’m not sure what
was up that restricted area dispatch to all Coast Guard on a vessel
in distress into monkeys response we have offshore boat traffic is
unrestricted who’s five but she knew that speed thoroughly okay so let’s get the defender oh that’s nice it actually
spawns us in the water I think we’re anchored fireworks you you did he really ship medevac I don’t know how videos capsized boat stranded pad we are able
locations application we got jet skiers too fisherman’s of a century double check with that said don’t know
if a icon will pop up on the map or not so it looks like it may be down there
cuz if they are kidding all right guys I need you stop right
there siren apology no don’t don’t follow me you guys not
follow me I don’t know why they’re automatically trying to follow me okay
on your boat okay hey guys how’s it going there so again
we got stop the ped and mother menu popped up at the same time really
annoying again I gotta mess with this mod some
more and maybe remove a few mods or something or adjust the key commands for
this there’s a there’s a lot of stuff we’ll try let’s see let’s get that
helicopter so I want to try the ocean it’s first-person not sure what we would
actually use this for again whoa what there’s actually
different there’s actually camera feeding
that is freaking awesome okay we’re gonna die and it’s friggin awesome load iPhones and stuff in the back
autopilot I wish okay anyways what’s babe – surveillance plants that’s pretty
cool but what I want to do is get we’ll get the Jayhawk which is what we
used a little bit earlier and look at them biting it everything that looks so
realistic right there that is freaking awesome any available Coast Guard unit we’ve got
a vessel in distress off the East Coast respond wait a second what did that say
something just popped up notifications something popped up okay so we were
supposed to press Q to talk to the guy at that last call out with the boat so
anyways let’s try that again later Oh stand down targets are the civilian
fatality any available Coast Guard unit we have SOS distress that don’t eat we are doing actual helicopter training
now so this should be interesting hopefully we’ll be able to see how far are we I’ll just stay this
way because if I call forth again I hope you guys are enjoying the
stream if you are Susie hit that like button in the Camry that really does not
do that if I didn’t vote to begin to rest you here we go
right what I can actually use
I guess we could follow that Oh boys a now after thank you this way stay there basket get off victims get them in here every day’s going down there we go is that oh my goodness pilot what are you doing
oh I just got in the basket you’re flying all over the place
damn keep her steady dude okay sending me down let’s get it let’s swim to the
victim they grabbed that my first left shit bring them back to the recipe
okay there she is a little bit higher there we go how do I
get out of this see Oh see this is my dog my like there’s so
many things that I have no idea what I’m doing right now and there’s so many
commands for it how do I get out of the voice this is
what I’m talking about anybody know how I get out of the voice I’m just sitting
in the water little bit hot freaking I have no idea houses to get out of the
freaking basket boys oops Inc I need to get pulled up please so we do the bags up they grab them with
luck shift gee I can’t get out of the freaking basket oh wait maybe maybe it’s a start
there we go okay shit yo I got her zooming back we’re finally moving boys the basket ship humming supposed to do
that here we go it’s the same team dancing now it’s set
to automatic okay freezy gonna take me a few times to get
you come on I’m drowning out there get the
basket let the shirts of the water all right I got a let’s get back there she is holy crap hi what are you doing
Oh get back to the pilot’s seat honestly that is cool have the co-pilot
I’ve already switched back to the pilot seat so we got Plus do we have a closer one up here we
do have let’s see screw it I’ll just talk poured us there because I don’t
feel like taking so much time we’ll see what happens turbulence seems a little windy today thank you and it looks like we are good I know
there’s the sharks but killer whales that was pretty sick mission timer nine
minutes one bit centricity which is land right here okay alright guys I’m gonna leave this
episode here your live stream I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know what you
thought of it I really do want to get you guys feedback juicy let me know what
you thought have a great day guys see you next time
maybe kids your subscribing if you haven’t already hey be sure you hit that
little bell icon on the channel that wastes no time on but is you welcome it
when we do more live streams diggities guess that was seriously freaking
awesome I hope you guys really did enjoy all right take it easy guess

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