Coast Guard Paratus Report – Episode 10

Breaking News! The Coast Guard announced changes
to their temporary separation policy that will have a big impact on those wishing to
take advantage of this benefit. Know someone who’s looking for a good job,
with great benefits, all the while giving back to the nation? Well, the Coast Guard
is hiring. We’ll tell you how you can help. Welcome to another addition of the Paratus
Report, the Coast Guard’s news source for the latest and greatest of what’s happening
in your Coast Guard. Hey everyone, I’m Chief Warrant Officer Chad
Saylor. And I’m Petty Officer Connie Terrell. The temporary separation program, known as
TEMPSEP, allows qualifying active duty members – who separate from the Coast Guard to pursue
family, personal, or professional interests – the opportunity to return to active duty
within two years of separating. The Coast Guard has announced updates to the
TEMPSEP program, effective immediately. To tell us more about the program changes is
Lt. Cmdr. Russ Mayer, team leader with the Office of Military Personnel. The Temporary Separation policy, known as
TEMPSEP, was one of the first “People” initiatives completed under the Commandant’s Human Capital
Strategy. Working with stakeholders across the Coast
Guard, we updated a Coast Guard unique program that allows unprecedented ability for Coast
Guard active duty members to transition to and from Active Duty. Some of the major updates of the policy include,
to allow members to more easily come back to Active Duty: All TEMPSEP members must affiliate with the Reserve. In addition, we’ve clarified policies and standards for certain other members who might
not be eligible for TEMPSEP. But because of life circumstances, need what TEMPSEP offers. Specifically members who are caring for a newborn child, victims of sexual assault, or who want to be a surrogate. To learn more about the changes to the Temporary
Separation policy, click the ALCOAST link in the description box below. You know, finding a job these days sure can
be tough! Yeah, from creating a resume, applying for
everything under the sun, then of course, the dreaded interview. Well, if you know someone looking for a job,
or if YOU are looking for a job, good news! The Coast Guard is hiring. Here today we have two of the Coast Guard’s
marketing and outreach chiefs to talk about how you can help us bring the best, brightest
and most talented men and women to our fleet. Hi, I’m Chief David Schuhlein. And I’m Chief Keiyon McCoy. And we want you to join the Coast Guard! We’re looking to recruit people who want a
career that will make a difference in their lives, and the lives of others. Do you know any men or women interested in working
with the latest technology but just aren’t sure how they’re gonna pay for college? Or maybe you have dreams of becoming a Michelen-star
chef, but you just haven’t had any professional training yet. Well, if you know someone like that, or if
you are that someone, now is the perfect time to join the U.S. Coast Guard! That Coast Guard is currently offering signing
bonuses to anyone who successfully enlists – some bonuses are as high as $40,000. Man, that’s a lot of money right there! Absolutely. Hey, the Coast Guard needs you
now more than ever. Hey, so if you’re interested in joining the
team of the Nation’s finest fleet, or if you know someone who would make a good shipmate,
head over to You can chat live now or get connected directly
with a recruiter in your area. And make sure you check out all of our social
media sites to find out more information about jobs in the Coast Guard. You can find the
link in the description box below. Back to you guys. Hey, thanks Chiefs. The Recruiting Command
is currently looking for talented, enthusiastic, and articulate Coast Guard members to star
in their upcoming Recruiting Command videos. The casting call is open to all active duty
members between the ages of 17 and 24 who are in good, physical condition. To learn more about the requirements for the
casting call and how you can apply, see our blog at This month’s Bravo Zulu goes to Petty Officer
1st Class Kevin Oakes, Petty Officer 3rd Class Augustin Foquet and Seaman Manon Mullen of
Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star for their quick thinking and ingenuity during a catastrophic
engine failure during Operation Deep Freeze 2016. Oakes, Foquet, and Mullen used a surf kit,
keen creativity, and an around-the-clock marathon repair session to repair the thrust bearing
brackets on the 40-year-old cutter. Due to their diligence and tireless effort,
Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft, recently recognized the three during an award
ceremony aboard the Polar Star. Great job, Shipmates! That does it for this edition of the Paratus
Report. To stay updated on the latest and greatest,
make sure you check out our blog, Coast Guard All Hands, and other official social media
sites. Thanks for joining us on the ParatusReport. See you next time!

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