Coast Guard launches new program to lower distress calls

The US Coast Guard spends thousands of dollars searching for people POTENTIALLY in distress. Last year — they responded to 6 calls that turned out to be NON EMERGENCIES. As KITV-4’s Ann Sterling shows you… A simple orange sticker could cut down on those distress calls. psa is in ansytream: coast guard paddle smart t/video/338154/coast-g uard- paddle-smart#.U4U H8Sg0XCU PSA 17- accidents happen sometimes you can get separated from your equipment. The COAST GUARD IS COMING TO A TV NEAR YOU… PSA 47 help us take the search out of search and rescue LAUNCHING “THE OPERATION PADDLE SMART CAMPAIGN” TO MAKE SURE SURFBOARDS. .. KAYAKS…CAN OES … ANYTHING THAT GOES IN THE WATER… HAS YOUR NAME ON IT …. AND A PHONE NUMBER… JUST IN CASE THE CRAFT IS FOUND AT SEA. Petty Officer Melissa Mckenzie Coast Guard 1.31. so when we find it adrift we search for a possible person in distress when often times there is not a person in distress. We have no way of contacting them to find out if it’s an emergency situation. 42 :34 PSA the coast guard offers free water proof stickers for your craft. 1.27-1.30 people don’t understand how important it is to label contact information on that equipment. STAND UP 19.48 you can get the orange sticker at a canoe club, boat stores, or the coast guard.. Put it on the board write your name on it and 2 different phone numbers. IT’S A VOLUNTARY PROGRAM — BUT THE COAST GUARD SAYS THESE TINY ORANGE STICKERS COULD SAVE TAXPAYERS A LOT OF MONEY. EVERYTIME THE COAST GUARD LAUNCHES A SEARCH… THE PRICE TAG STARTS IN THE THOUSANDS — 3.16 recently we found a dive float off Diamond Head with no contact information so we launched a full search and rescue effort to find out if the diver is in distress. 3.27 3.39 The owner saw this on tv and contacted us and said i’m not in danger. 3.47 Robbins Kristy/surfer 18.53 have you ever thought about using any of these stickers. I didn’t know they existed would you use one. Yes for sure. If i’m lost out at sea and my board washes in I want someone to know i’m missing 19.04 ONE SIMPLE LABEL CAN TAKE CARE OF THAT. A MESSAGE THE COAST GUARD HOPES WILL STICK! ANN STERLING KITV4 NEWS Petty Officer Melissa Mckenzie says if you can’t get a sticker… use a permanent water

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