Coast Guard fires machine gun rounds to disperse Chinese trawlers fishing illegally

Korea’s Coast Guard has again clashed with
Chinese boats attempting to fish illegally in Korean waters. The Ministry of Public Safety and Security
says the Incheon Coast Guard was deployed at around 11 a.m. this morning to disperse
more than 30 boats that were poaching in West Sea waters some 70 kilometers off the coast. After ignoring radio calls for them to leave
and heading toward the Coast Guard aggressively,… the Coast Guard fired machine gun rounds into
the air to scare the boats off. There are permitted to do that under new regulations. No one was thought to be hurt, but the condition
of the Chinese boats wasn’t confirmed. The Coast Guard announced in October that
it would pursue a more aggressive firearms policy with Chinese trawlers. Disputes over illegal fishing have affected
relations between Seoul and Beijing for years, and there have been numerous, often violent,
clashes between the Korean Coast Guard and Chinese crew members.

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