Chris Sajnog’s Free SEAL Training App – Like Having a Navy SEAL on Speed Dial

Hey Guys what’s going on retired Navy
SEAL Chris Sajnog here and I just want to tell you very quickly about my new app
it is the seal training app and that stands for science-based education for
accelerated learning and it’s really the culmination of a lot of things that I’ve
learned over the years on how to get people to quickly learn any skill that
they they want to learn and it’s done in some pretty unique ways now you can
download this app on iOS or Android it is completely free to download when you
open it up besides the super cool image in there is the first thing there’s this
focus selfie in there that you can take so those are just pictures that if you
have something cool that you want to share with the community share as much
as you want the great thing about this is this app although it’s gonna look
like it has a lot of features like Facebook has like with the chat and all
this interactive stuff it has none of those security things on there like when
you sign up I can’t even see your phone number I can’t see your email makes
things kind of tough sometimes when people are asking for support but that’s
the truth of it you only see what you put in there so you can make up a name
if you want you can put a picture of somebody else or whatever just don’t
leave your picture blank and then the next thing you’ll see is well of course
the share button I want you to share this app up if you’ve got somebody you
know it could help please share the app but most importantly we get to what are
my skills this is really in the skill development part of this so you could do
eye exercises working on grip strength visualization coming up with training
plans going to the range whatever you do for your skills that are making you
better and whatever skill you want to get better at that’s where you put it in
and you click apply there on the bottom and then you start working yourself up
on the leaderboard now the next thing that’s most important in here is working
on yourself so not just your skills but who are you as a person like when I
train people I’m training people to become warriors I can train a monkey to
pull a trigger and you guys aren’t monkeys right you’re human beings and
hopefully you’re aspiring to live like warriors and be more than just somebody
that’s getting better at a skill you want to get better at being a person in
a human being so that is what my self is so
planning out your day meditating each day exercising doing cold-therapy I
think is very important eating right so whatever that means for you spending
time outside all of these things are so important again click whatever ones you
do hit apply try to do them whenever you actually do the skill and that way it’s
going to keep you going you don’t want to lose the momentum that you have when
you’re actually training so when you do something get into the app it’s very
easy to do literally like click and you’re done the habit of training is
really one of the most important aspects of learning anything and that’s really
what this app is designed to do is to get you in the habit of training
continuously and then the last part I want to show you here up on top is the
my team so being a warrior is also being part of a team right hopefully you are a
member on my membership site and by the way if you are a member make sure that
you use the same email address when you sign up for this that way I’m able to
give you some bonus content on this app part of your team is your spouse it’s
going to be spending time with your kids spending time with friends training
somebody else helping somebody else motivating somebody donating something
your time donating some money these are all making you better people and trust
me do these things and your life is gonna change
people are getting such amazing results with this app you go down you can see
today’s leaders so you can see the top 50 liters I like to spotlight one person
every day and then there’s a podium you get points and you can get badges and
win awards for helping other people out sharing the app and communicating with
other people and going through and doing the free training that’s on here and
then there’s the recognition wall below that now if you look down on the bottom
there’s a chat feature so this chat you can chat with anybody on hearing
including myself unfortunately 3000 people unless you’re
a member I’m not gonna be able to answer all of your chats if you go ahead and
say hi I would love that just don’t get upset if I can’t respond
to you that’s the way I talk to the community on here as well and then
there’s different channels so check out the channels Chris’s latest updates so
if I’ve just got something to put out maybe something about the app and
upcoming then anything that I want to put out
that is where that is going to go so there’s new rules members there’s some
things you may or may not see on here you may have access to you may not
depending on again if you’re a paid member I give them more access living
like a warrior so things that I’m talking about like this app or
meditating brain performance training so working on visualization and meditation
you’re gonna find stuff in there I put my SEAL training podcast videos in here
and I don’t do that too often because I want you guys to go download my podcast
firearms training should be pretty easy as to what that is Navy SEAL approved
that’s one of my websites that I have so I do test an evaluation on all kinds of
gear not just firearms related stuff tons of different stuff that I think
make me a warrior and things that I truly think can benefit you so you’ll
see reviews in there and then team success stories those are testimonials
check those out about the videos and my membership site and my books and all
that then we have training and there is a 30-day dry fire challenge so each day
you’re going to get a new set of instructions you’re gonna get a video
and a couple things to do it’ll just take you a couple minutes but it’s
thirty days and it’s gonna make you a better shooter and again it’s totally
free and then you can go into firearms training there is a free course in here
and this is where there’s some paid content in here that you need to pay for
unless again you are a paid member of my website which by the way is completely
different than this app click on the shop button down there super important
that will send you to my website and the online shop where you can buy all kinds
of awesome stuff from my website last but definitely not least I just want to
mention that there is a like a mirror website for this that you can go to if
you’re not around your your mobile device and you want to get on there or
say you want to watch a video but you want to watch it on a big screen rather
than on your phone you can go ahead and use that website just as easily as you
can on your phone so that is it go ahead and download the seal training app and I
hope to see you guys inside the app you

9 thoughts on “Chris Sajnog’s Free SEAL Training App – Like Having a Navy SEAL on Speed Dial

  1. I love the S.E.A.L. Training app! I have been going strong for 371 days now and I check in with my actions and training every day. This app is my foundation for success in becoming the best shooter and warrior I can be. I love all of my teammates on the app! It is a great place for like minded people, and so you can get support.

  2. Chris, your app requires too many permissions for me. Thanks but no thanks I dont understand why I have to give access to the photos contacts and location of my phone.

  3. Hey YOU!! Yes, you…After you learn my secret 7 steps to becoming a better shooter, ( leave me a comment below and tell me how it helped you!

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