Chinese fighter jet buzzes U.S. navy plane

11 thoughts on “Chinese fighter jet buzzes U.S. navy plane

  1. Ha ha ha ha aa auhmmm auhmmm aaaaa…. it.."s uummm dificult….ummmm
    What a dick in an American uniform !!

  2. Americans you are drug addicts and cocaine addicts!
    Go to hell! !
    It always has been and always will be !

  3. 'A deeply concerning provocation', says the side that continues to poke both China and Russia.

    And the Americans wonder why the Chinese government is spending hundreds of billions on defence each year (the second biggest defence budget, yet it accounts for a much smaller percentage of the Chinese GDP and also government spending, compared to the US budget which is several times bigger than the Chinese budget, but is a much higher percentage of the US national economy GDP.. so now that China has the second biggest economy and is fast approaching the US for the number one spot, China could increase its military spending to the same level and percentage of GDP as the USA currently spends).

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