Child of the Canoe

The crews of Hokule’a and Hikianalia are enjoying a little R and R– after spending just over two weeks at sea. The canoes are moored in waters off Rangiroa tonight….. As the leadership decides when they will depart for Papeete. KITV4’s Paula Akana reports for one crewmember– this next stop is like a homecoming. Maui Tauotaha has been busy on the first leg of this voyage around the world — as a Hikianalia crew member and and videographer and editor for ‘oiwi TV…. his connection with Hokule’a began well before he was even born. ———————- — tahiti 76 arrival ———————- – 49:49-49:01 WHEN HOKULEA FIRST WENT TO TAHITI IN 1976. TAUTIRA MY FAMILY WHERE MY FAMILY GREW UP AND WHERE MY HOKULEA HAS BEEN…. BECAME HOME OF HOKULEA IN 1976 AND OUR OHANA WA’A HAVE BEEN CLOSE EVER SINCE. ———————- ———————- – tahiti ———————- —————- Amid the celebrations honoring Hokule’as arrival in Tahiti….. Maui’s mother— a hui nalu canoe paddler from Oahu met his father— a maire nui canoe paddler from Tahiti. Maui was born several yeas later… A true child of the canoe. 49:33 UNCLE NAINOA SAID I WAS BORN FOR THIS JOB MALAMA HAWAII BEGAN FOR ME BACK IN THE ATE 1970S IN TAHITI. it’s a BEAUTIFUL THING TODAY THAT I GET TO RECONNECT WITH THE VAA ON THIS VERY SPECAIL VOYAGE. 49:55 FOR MYSELF MY FAMILY IS VERY PROUD THAT I’M FOLLOWING THE FOOTSTEPS OF MY ANCESTORS. MY GRANDPA. SPECIALLY FOR TAUTIRA AND TAHITI. I FEEL HIM OUT HERE WHEN I’M OUT ON THE VAA 50:01 Maui’s grandfather was Puaniho Tauotaha… A canoe paddler….. and canoe builder who sailed from Tahiti to Oahu on Hokulea in 1985 voyage of rediscovery. Maui wasn’t able to spend much time with his grandfather…. So in many ways… This is Maui’s voyage of rediscovery HIKIANALIA 2 TAPE 1:35-1:50 ITS ALMOST SURREAL BEING OUT HERE ON THESE VAA MEETING THE PEOPLE WHO SAILED WITH MY GRANDFATHER WHO KNOW MY FAMILY IN TAUTIRA BACK INT HE 1970S. ITS TRULY AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE AND I’M GRATEFUL . HONESTLY I STILL THINK I’M IN SHOCK!! Right now the canoes are moored in waters off Rangiroa….. Following a welcoming ceremony honoring their travels… They will soon leave for papeete…..And Maui is looking forward to the arrival there and seeing his ohana from Tautira. 4;30-4:51 HIKIANALIA TAPE 2 I’VE ONLY BEEN TO TAUTIRA A FEW TIMES BUT THE FEW TIMES I’VE BEEN THERE3 TO ME IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN THIS EARTH. ITS WHERE MY FAMILY COMES FROM I FEEL A DEEP CONNECTION TO THIS PLACE. THE FEW TIMES I’VE GONE THERE ANDI’M SO EXPCITED TO BE ABLE TO GO THERE THIS TIME THE WAA BACK TO THE HOMELAND TO SEE MY FAMILY REPRESENT MY FAMILY AND ITS AN AMAZING FEELING Paula Akana, KITV4 News.

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