Charlotte Rogan Recommends

Hello, my name is Charlotte Rogan and my new novel is called now and again my first novel was called The Life Boat. I’ve been
asked to recommend some books that have been important to me and I do have a
website where I keep up a list I call it my life list of books that completely
knocked my socks off and there are two fairly recent books that I put on the
list that I think are absolutely fabulous One is Billy Lynn’s long halftime walk by Ben Fountain which I thought is terrific. It’s about a returning soldier who is kind of being honored at a football
game and that’s all I’ll say about it but the writing is fantastic the other one that I put on the list
recently is fourth of July Creek by Smith Henderson send a very dark look at a
social worker I think he’s in montana and he is trying to help some the kids of some some
separatists groups and both of them are fabulous not only in terms of the
plodding but something is very important to me the language and I really thought books were amazing and I highly recommend them.

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