CGRundertow SOCOM: U.S. NAVY SEALS for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

Before Modern Warfare and Battlefield controlled
my online shooting life, I was in love with someone else, someone different, someone that
will always hold a special place in my heart. And her name was Socom: US Navy Seals. Before
Socom came out, I thought online games were forever going to be left for the PC. I didn’t
think they could work well on a console. Socom changed my opinion of that. After I say my
friend playing I knew I had to try it. So I went out and bought it. Then I had to go
out again and buy the PS2 online adapter because the PS2 was originally as weary as I was about
online console gaming. But this game is what changed my opinion of it, forever. You are in control of an elite squad of US
Navy Seals, and it is your job to eliminate threats wherever they are. That is basically
the best I can do explaining the plot of the game because practically each mission has
you going somewhere new to handle a different threat. There is beauty in the simplicity.
Some missions have you going to Thailand while others have you going in the Congo. Each one
is fun and exciting and leaves you wanting more. It would be your normal third person
shooter if it weren’t for a couple of cool additions they made. Remember when I said
you are in control of a squad of Seals I really meant it. You feel like you are in complete
control as you order your squad to lay down suppressing fire or to breach a door. This
is done through a drop down menu that works very well. But if you want the real Socom
experience you need to play the game with a headset. You speak your orders into the
headset instead of with the menu. The headset commands work very well, a lot better than
I thought they would. And unlike to your girlfriend, when you tell your squad what to do they actually
do it, instead of crying and saying you don’t understand and then making you sleep on the
couch just because you told her she should not get so upset when other girls talk about
her. But yeah, the voice commands work well. But as good as the single player was what
kept me feeding this game into my PS2 was the multiplayer. Nothing was cooler back in
the day than putting on your headset and teaming up with your friends online. There were three
game types, suppression that was basically team Deathmatch and extraction and demolition.
Extraction had you trying to rescue hostages and demolition saw you trying to plant a charge
and destroy the other teams base. My game of choice was demolition, because I like seeing
things go boom. The online was very ahead of its time and more importantly was a blast
to play. I have very fond memories of this game. I
remember long weekends, yelling orders into my headset and frustration as I got destroyed
online. The graphics haven’t really held up too well, but it was the early PS2 days
and they don’t interfere with the game. If you have never played this game, I would
still recommend it even today. She may be a old and time has done damage to her looks,
but she still is a pretty good ride.

87 thoughts on “CGRundertow SOCOM: U.S. NAVY SEALS for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

  1. This game blows in comparison with PC online games form those times. Basically every shooter blows. Shooters are just better on PCs.

  2. Socom 1 was the first online console game I ever played. I still remember playing and being amazed that I was really online with my PS2 with other REAL people haha.

  3. @ColasTeam As far as I know. The online is still up for SOCOM 3 and Combined Assault. I could be mistaken though, seeing as I haven't tried heading online since January of this year.

  4. They NEED to remake this in hd. If they didnt change much except the graphics, they should give demos at E3 and all the people who missed it will be absessed with it. The game should feature all the campaigns of the ps2 socom's and the maps to. This could be a huge boost to the community of the socoms. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasnt played it. best games ever.

  5. @WongGeGe48 For reasons beyond me people will pay more for inferior games on their consoles. Maybe consoles are just so much easier to use. Maybe if you tell people that console shooters are better than PC majority of them will believe you. That's how it works.

    Just ask yourself why there is no cross platform shooters (PC vs consoles)? Mouse and keyboard owns game pads. Don't get me wrong, I own many consoles and after few tries with demos from Xbox Live and PSN I decided to hold on to PC

  6. Socom 1 and 2 are my two favorite shooters. You had your clan, and rival clans. The community made up the rules like no noob tubes. Everybody used their mics. People played to win, not for kills. I used to play all night till 6 am in the morning. Last one red gives head, g^ , gg.

  7. i had a new ps2 that came out it was silver i had a black one but i got a newer one that made the games graphics more better and i had a good tv the game wan good

  8. only bought this last week…i remember playing it as a child even bought the ps2 awell just for this game…..well and spiro that is 😉

  9. The simplicity and straight-forwardness of the missions is another great aspect of SOCOM. Here's the situation, you need to do this, get in there. The more video games try to have bizarre plot twists and elongated cinematics, the more lame they become.
    SOCOM blew my mind when it was released for the PS2, back in 2002. Radically better than the other shooters of its time and these SOCOM PS2 games have stood the test of time and are still fun to play, even compared to the PS3 shooters.

    SOCOM was the first shooter i played that actually took skill where once you DIED, you were DEAD FOR THE ENTIRE ROUND!!! none of this new generation spawn camping/killing bullshit


  11. I lit a candle and shed a tear the day the socom server was taken offline .. Miss you and bless you socom I would love a chance to slay on devils road and flood the asscrack..

  12. I found it for a relatively good price along with the headset. Is it worth buying for just the campaign? I'm not much into multiplayer anyway. Nice review, aniway 🙂

  13. ATTENTION SOCOMERS -H hour – Worlds Elite is the next SOCOM that will Grace NEXT GEN consoles. It will be nearly IDENTICAL to the first two SOCOMS for it is headed by SOCOM'S 1&2 creative director David Sears. It currently sits at about 51k on kick, if you want that SOCRACK feel again. Make your pledge! A 50$ and up pledge will give you a PC or PS4 guaranteed copy of the game. , SPREAD THE WORD GUYS!

  14. Usually you tell your guys to do something, and they screw it up badly. Boomer is always getting us seen by walking out into the open and engaging hostiles. (A few bullets to the head early in the mission solves that). Makes you feel bad though, he was only trying to help. The headset never worked too good for me,and I threw it out. You had to yell into the damn thing.

  15. Oh, anyone notice that after you kill an enemy, right when his body is about to disappear, they go translucent and their eyes turn into rubber band balls for a second.

  16. If you guys want to see these missions completed on Admiral Difficulty, come check out my Ghetto SOCOM Gameplay videos. I recorded it with my phone but it's still watchable though and shows you guys how to successfully complete them.

  17. you seem to have the same opinion of demolition that the seals do because I remember Jester saying I love making things go boom 😉

  18. Forever a classic and reason I got high speed internet back when it was starting out commercially. No computer just PS2 Online play only lol.

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