Case Study: Ports of Jersey Coastguard

Frequentis and Ports of Jersey have a strong story to tell. We have taken on the challenge to build a new control room and bring together and integrate all the
features and functions they need to save lives. Jersey’s port is a lifeline port. There’s around 2,500 commercial movements every year Jersey has a really large tidal range; can be over 12 metres on a large spring tide so it’s critical that it remains open, safe and secure 24 hours a day. Our previous control room was split over two sites and various pieces of equipment weren´t particularly well integrated We saw a big benefit to merge the two together to create a more resilient operations team. The Maritime Operation Centre is a really
integrated room which runs both Jersey Coastguard and St Helier VTS The complexity of the Ports of Jersey solution is the integration between the VTMS and the communication solution We deliver a totally integrated solution to the port of Jersey so they have a much more efficient workflow It´s an MRCC providing search and rescue coverage within Jersey’s territorial waters We have to make sure that we are provisioned for search and rescue for our 800 square miles of water. There’s also St Helier VTS providing a vessel traffic service for the port of St Helier We have VTMS and a VCS and that integrates
with AIS and radar overlays. The way the system works is it’s taking the data
straight away from a digital selective call It’s feeding it straight into our VTMS system displaying a location on the chart and – at the same time – other vessel of opportunity that might be able to assist us in the task. Four stations in total; three in the Maritime Operations Centre and one fall-back at the VTS tower The team are really pleased with the new system. It’s the efficiency and the saving of the time, which is valuable during these search and rescue critical incidents. The way they are laid out and have been designed is definitely paying off because it´s quite intuitive for the guys to actually use learn to use and develop their skills on.
We’re always trying to maintain an open, safe and secure port and the Frequentis
systems help us to provide that service to the island. We are able to pass information to the search and rescue assets out on the scene very easily and very clearly Frequentis understand the issues that we face and what’s important to us as a customer. Not only are we meeting our obligation to be working by international standards but also we’re able to make the system
malleable enough to work for our unique operation here in Jersey.

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