Carving A Cherrywood Voyageur Style Canoe Paddle At Lee Valley Tools

hey guys just getting ready to put the
last coat of varnish on my canoe paddle that I just carved a couple weeks ago
here and just wanted to tell you guys about the experience first time carving
anything out of wood with success and something that’s actually very useful
here so I’m going to tell you a little bit about this here and basically I
attended a canoe carving event at Lee Valley tools now if you’re into
woodworking and from Canada you probably aware Lee Valley they got really good
catalogs for traditional old school woodworking tools for from the states
and you’re into woodworking haven’t heard of them they do have catalogs and
they do have an American presence do so want to go and check that out anyway
they have a number of seminars and because the Canada 150 this year with
and they had a number of paddle making courses and this was one of them
so the course started out really simple all you really needed was a pencil and a
couple woodworking tools such as a rasp planer hand planer and some of the other
fancier tools that Lee Valley has I’ll put the link in the description of the
item that kind of worked best for me for this when I was carving this but
basically very simple first he had to choose a blank so there was a number of
paddle styles he had the beaver tail the otter tail and then he had the
voyager style which was what I end up getting so these are basically high
shoulders and kind of more square compared to the other two styles but
basically once you chose your blank and fit it to your size your height it’s a
couple tests they’re basically all you had to do the most of the work was to
draw guidelines on the shaft and couple areas where was flaring out and from
there was very simple then you just start taking the various wood tools and
you just start shaving it down shaving it down now for the the grip they had a
number of finished paddles with different styles of grips so basically
you just found the template that feel good in your hand and then you just
traced on top of it and start carving again so this was a
six hour process of manual labor of just shaving down the wood and I end up
choosing cherry wood or it’s the one that chose me at first it wasn’t quite
as red I thought it would but as I was going down the varnish here it’s
starting to get a really nice look to it really happy with it
so the blade was actually the last thing I had to do basic items can tell here
but had to taper it down a bit and we can see it this way here but I had to
basically do a V had to shave down and once you get to a certain point you kind
of had to round out so you have a little little bit of a mound there I had a lot
of fun it was $150 to get this done and you know I don’t know how much paddles
are at the store I’m sure you can get stuff that’s a little bit cheaper but
and it’s definitely not perfect once you start looking down on it but you know
for something that I made I’m actually quite happy with it and I’m going to
definitely put this in the water so basically three coats of varnish of spar
varnish and to put it up on the wall five coats this is the fifth coat I’m
kind of working on to use in the water put in the comments what do you think if
let me know if you’ve made a canoe paddle yourself or tried making a
laminate paddle which is one of the other courses that they offer put down
any other comments what you think of this or if you’ve done other type of
events and we’ll talk to you guys next time

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