Carnival Norwegian Royal Caribbean May Sell Their Oldest Cruise Ships

everybody it’s Bruce here what traveling
with Bruce welcome to my show today today’s video is all about old cruise
ships being replaced here’s the deal of this week first week of June 2019 the
Trump administration has in effect banned Americans from going to Cuba on a
recreational basis which means all cruise lines in one fell swoop have
announced they’re no longer sailing into Cuba so these pictures are a thing of
the past you’re not going to see carnival ships Royal Caribbean ships or
Norwegian ships heading into Cuba anymore but now the question is what is
going to happen to these ships because the cruise ships that these cruise lines
were using to go to Cuba were the oldest ships in the fleet and these ships money
many of them don’t even have balconies so the thinking here is these ships days
are now numbered while the Cuban cue cruise game was going on the three
cruise lines were sending ships to Cuba and were charging top dollar to
passengers to take the sailing so you could take a 20 25 year-old cruise ship
and make a ton of money off of it because the cost on the books of these
cruise lines were that the ships are worth 20 to 50 million bucks apiece yet
they’re charging $200 a night problem is that this is what a typical pool deck
looks like on an old ship here’s what a pool deck looks like on a new ship so if
you’ve got the kids and you want to go to the Bahamas or go to a Caribbean
sailing on an old cruise ship you have got yourself a little problem when the
kids see these pictures right here about what the new cruise ships actually look
like you’re gonna have a mutiny on your hand so the cruise lines have got a
problem they can’t keep running the old cruise ships much longer because the
passengers are getting spoiled with all the amenities that the new cruise ships
have I mean look at this Symphony Seas Oasis of the Seas you’ve got the the
pool show at the back of the ship the double wing back in there there’s no way
you can get the kids on one of these older ships it was great
mom and dad back in the 90s but not today it’s just not gonna fly even for
adults looking at this kind of an option today this is an old-fashioned dining
room on an old-fashioned cruise ship they just don’t exist anymore this is
what a new cruise ship looks like with the interior balconies the outside
balconies the big slides the rock climbing walls you name it all the
amenities so the speculation is on will Norwegian get rid of the spirit and the
Norwegian sky will Royal Caribbean unload the grandeur of the Seas the
Empress of the Seas the majesty of the Seas will Carnival unload the Carnival
Paradise x2 the elation fascination and fantasy ships we’re gonna find out
probably in the next six months to a year or so but I can tell you the cruise
lines have been pumping a lot of money into these ships here to refurbish them
they’re not gonna pump in hundreds of millions into these old ones they cannot
compete with these ships right here the celebrity edge and the sympathy seas Oh
aces of the Seas mariner of the Seas the Norwegian joy the Norwegian bliss
there’s just no way look at the size different join me
Monday to Friday five o’clock Eastern Time Saturday at two we talk cruise
ships six days a week and we’ll stay on top of the story as it continues on give
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54 thoughts on “Carnival Norwegian Royal Caribbean May Sell Their Oldest Cruise Ships

  1. do NOT like big ships at all ,you lose the cruise experience if the dump small ships I will never go on their lines again

  2. If the older ships are sold, what would happen if a new president is elected, who would lift the Cuba travel ban. ?

  3. It sure would be nice if they use their older smaller ships to go from u.s. port to u.s. port like New York to Miami Miami to Galveston Texas Galveston Texas to California California to Anchorage Alaska Anchorage Alaska to Hawaii Hawaii back to California California back to Galveston Texas Galveston Texas back to Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale Florida to St Thomas St Thomas to Puerto Rico Puerto Rico back to Miami you get the point

  4. Carnival Cruise Line has scheduled an expansion of service into San Diego and San Francisco, so if they sell a ship they will have to cut service out of Florida. The Fantasy, Imagination, and Inspiration don’t have balcony category cabins (just a few suites with balconies), so one of those three get cut, and another ship moves to Mobile or Long Beach.

    Right now Tampa, Jacksonville, and Baltimore are keeping older ships alive and profitable, and there’s only one thing that can change that – higher vertical clearance at those ports to accommodate newer ships. The worst that will happen to those ports in the long term is they’ll only have smaller luxury ships; even then, it can be spun as being away from “the masses” at Canaveral or Miami.

  5. They may get rid of some but most NCL or Carnival probably not, before they went to Cuba they still did 3 day to Eastern and 4 day Western Caribbean for a pretty good price. We do 3-4 of these short cruises a year in between the longer cruises we take. And they are always full. Just have to wait and see.

  6. Not everyone wants a small city. I like the ecstasy size. I don't want to wait in line for hours on my cruise. I don't want to plan to be sonewhere way early to get a seat. Specialise in great service, not sardine packing.

  7. They could find new places in the world to sail these cruise ships. The ships are not for the Carribbean as people want new features but these old ships could do shorter cruises or different cruises in areas other than the Carribbean. We will see….

  8. they may sell some of them but they need to keep these ships especially since they put all the money into these boats there is no question the new ships have much better pool decks and water slides and remember just as fast as trump stopped the cruises they can start up again

  9. My first cruise was on the carnival festival in 1986. The ship was 20 yr old then.. The ships have come a long way.

  10. I must admit that I like the smaller ships. I'm not a fan of the MASSIVE crowds on the newer ships. Perhaps the older ships can just be used as a shuttle to the those island resorts owned by the various cruise lines… I don't think this has anything to do with Cuba… The cruise lines will always sell off its older ships to make way for newer ones. It's the Economy of Scale, added conveniences for passengers and basic capitalist competition (which is a GOOD thing) amongst themselves for luring potential passengers.

  11. Take a 25 year old ship and go to a communist / socialist country to get food poisoning does not sound like fun. No thank you.

  12. If Cuba was hypothetically opened up to tourism from the US ,then the ports would eventually have to be modernized to handle the large ships. This will always leave the question , what about the older ships? I still believe there is a market for small ships that can undergo major upgrades . With imagination and the technology of today some of these ships could be gems. The saturation of the market by the mega ships will be reached one day .Boutique Class Ships.

  13. Unless the cruise lines plan to stop sailing out of Tampa and Baltimore, there will always be a need for these smaller ships. The larger ships can't fit under the bridges that basically lock in those ports.

    Additionally, there continues to be a market for smaller ships, which may not cater to adrenaline and entertainment junkies, but are looking for the one amenity that will never be available on a mega-ship: feeling like an individual and not just one of the masses. On those smaller ships, everyone who wants to see the show gets to see the show. Everyone gets to do everything they want.

    Plus, indoor balconies notwithstanding (for heaven sake, if you find that so enjoyable, go stay in an Embassy Suites), who wants to spend $200 a night to eat fast food at Johnny Rockets, which you can do on land, and program the life out of their vacation? Obviously lots of people do, but not everyone.

    So, unless RCI, NCL, and Carnival want to surrender their share of the leisure cruise market to Cunard, they will keep the midsized ships in service. I've never heard of a successful company willfully giving up market share.

  14. Going to be interesting. NCL just refurbished the Sky. And I think I you meant the Sun not the Spirit. The Spirit hasn’t sailed Cuba

  15. I'd like them to send the smaller ships to uncommon ports. On most Caribbean itineraries, I have no reason to get off the ship.

  16. No way the lines will sell off the older ships. Maybe Carnival should have 1 ship port in Europe. I know Carnival has sister brand Costa that have ships Identical to the Carnival Ships. Carnival wants to get their monies worth after pumping millions of dollars in upgrades to the Fantasy Vessels.

  17. I disagree, I absolutely love a traditional cruise and there’s still very much a demand for them. But as you say these are more tailored towards the adult market, you wouldn’t want to take your kids on them. As someone who absolutely despises children and actively goes on holiday to specifically avoid them I would far rather a more relaxing, traditional cruise than a bustling crowded noisy cruise on a brand new ship full of kids😄 and besides even though the ships may be older they’re regularly refitted to keep the feel and decor etc up to date, while still keeping that traditional and intimate feel. Cruise lines like Fred Olsen and CMV do this excellently imo 😄 the Columbus, Braemar and Balmoral are absolutely stunning ships despite being built in the 80s and 90s.

  18. My wife and I took our first cruise in 1985 on the Carnival Tropicale. Been hooked on cruising ever since! We enjoyed it then, as much as we do now. I think the cruise lines should keep the older ships for a while and do some shorter cruises with them to see how it pans out. Great video, Bruce!

  19. We just sailed to Cuba on Empress if the Seas. Best service we have ever experienced on a cruise. Much rather have a smaller ship than a mega ship. I love a formal dining room with seating times.

  20. These lines can afford to and probably should park them for
    A time. Cuba will come back.
    Royal Caribbean and others have ships too large for the Cuba market.
    Still they won’t hold on to them forever.

    Once Cuban travel comes back online ( and it will) The Cruise lines already had plans in the works to build ports in Cuba that would accommodate the largest of ships.

    A Bigger ships Volume of cabins drive down the cost per night for passengers but also increases profits per sailing for the cruise lines. Money talks and the Cuban government will end up changing enough to placate the powers that be to lift the ban. Don’t blink because it may well happen faster than you think.

    Also The court have not even entered the frey yet. All it takes is one injunction and the entire question could be put on hold thus tying the ban up in the courts for years.
    After all if the cause of banning Cuban travel is to “starve communism” then why aren’t we stopping tourism to Russia, China, Vietnam???
    This conundrum will come back to bite politicians as the result of this so called noble reason for stopping tourism to Cuba.

    When enough money passes under the table between governments the rule will change.
    So for the cruise industry, it’s just a waiting game.

  21. I prefer to cruise with a small and older ship. because I cruise to see something of the world and not on a ship where an amusement park is built on. Because then I better stay at home.

  22. Having sailed on the Carnival Paradise in January, I don’t see Carnival selling it, they just spent tens of millions of dollars updating and refurbishing it, and it’s a beautiful ship, I really enjoyed the smaller ship, I got to see and interact with the Same passengers and crew on a daily basis, and that made for a more enjoyable cruise. Plus it was easier to get around the ship, and our suite was perfect in every way.

  23. they usually send the old cruise ships to Australia
    cant remember when when got a brand new ship in Oz

  24. From a business standpoint, I agree with you. From a personal standpoint, however, I could not disagree with you any more strongly. We are a childfree couple in our 40's and absolutely loathe the megaships, as they are nothing more than floating amusement parks. We have decided to leave NCL as our cruise line of choice and instead have switched over to Celebrity, going for the smaller ships that are itinerary and destination-based rather than ship-based in experiences. We have a Southern Caribbean sailing booked for Jan. 2021 aboard the Celebrity Summit and cannot wait.

  25. Trump won't allow ships to travel from US to Cuba, but can't they leave from other ports? Obviously, this would still be a major inconvenience and not ideal.

  26. While older/smaller ships can still go to smaller ports such as Key West, I strongly agree that the older ships, despite any attempts to modernize/renovate them, are probably better off being re-purposed for hurricane/disaster relief by FEMA, the Red Cross, etc. After sailing on the Anthem of the Seas in 2017, going on the Empress of the Seas in 2018 was disappointing to say the least – no bumper cars, no RipCord by iFly, no Flow Rider, not even an adults-only solarium. With exception of the kiddie pool, there was just ONE pool on the entire ship for everyone to SHARE. The three jacuzzis next to the pool were for "adults only" but ONLY if a crew member were present to enforce the rule. If the crew member on duty left to tend to another responsibility or take someone's drink order then kids would gradually start making their way to the jacuuzis again. Even though I enjoyed getting away from work, and spending time with my family, it was probably the least enjoyable of the cruises that I have been on. In fact, a small part of me wanted to write in my feedback questionnaire, "This ship sucks compared to the three previous RC ships that I've been on. There's hardly anything entertaining to do (or at least anything that would appeal to someone like me in their 20s or 30s). How do I go about getting a refund…or at least a rebate?" Whenever someone asks me about which RC ship I'd recommend, I tell them, "When looking at the ships on Royal Caribbean's website, I'd steer clear of any ship that has orange colored lifeboats. BO-RING!"

  27. The situation with Cuba could be temporary. If I were the cruise lines, I would not sell the older ships.

  28. I do not think all ships have to be bigger. Updated. Yes. Great shows and food and bars. Great itineraries. Not everyone likes those 6000+ ships. So maybe still a combo

  29. I loved Empress when we went to Cuba. The food was top notch. I’ve sailed on Oasis class and live those as well. Just different experiences.

  30. The older cruise ships could be re born . They have less passengers which is in there favour . Less passengers makes it possible to make larger the pool area . Waterslides , Big Screen by pool , Outdoor Dance Floor (lessons) plus live band playing for dancing (Salsa ,Tango ,Waltz , Shim Sham ( a form of line dance ) , Ballroom etc. A return to understated elegance . Projection like in MSC Bellissima . Outdoor garden interpersed with meandering path , mini golf , etc . With imagination and the technology of today , these ships can be reborn . A revolving stage in main dinning room for entertainment . A slow moving ferris wheel or carousel surrounded by Gelato / Cafe , Bocce Courts music of Edith Piaf , Micheal Legrand , Burt Bacharach, Johanne Strauss , Cole Porter etc .. A stage at the base of ferris wheel or carousel offering but not limited to mini musicals from the Great American Songbook , Magic , Comedy , talks etc all under the stars . Believe it or not , not all millenials want thousands of people around as well . Lazy river with lazer tag ,whatever . Thank you Bruce .

  31. I really hope nothing bad happens to Empress. She’s nearly 30 years old and I’m really scared she’s going to be scraped soon. I just went on her last August to Cuba and I’ve loved her since.

  32. they will probably be sent to P&O Australia because we always get the old ones sent here and then told we have a new ship based here year round.

  33. Where are you getting your information the port of Tampa cannot get the big ships because of the skyway bridge height and that makes it great for new Cruisers to take 3 to 5 day trip to see if they will like to cruise

  34. Bruce is right,the older ships days are numbered but older ships have more "charm".
    I wish that Celebrity cruises kept the Horizon and Zenith and were using them still to Bermuda.
    I do want to go back to Bermuda maybe next summer but it will be on the Celebrity Summit,but not on sister line,Royal Caribbean's Anthem..its too,too big

  35. What's this emphasis on what children think about the cruiseship? There are millions of people who travel on cruise ships and care little about seeing ANY children on board. Many cruisers (old AND young) don't need basketball courts, bumper cars, race tracks and video arcades on any ship. How about we up the ante on cruise ships for adults?

  36. These modern cruise ship are holiday camps at see they are not cruise ship in the traditional sense. They are tacky all inclusive holiday hotels at sea. They have lost the traditional cruise feeling.
    Secondly children do not dictate the holiday. Chikdren should feel lucky they are getting a holiday period.
    When did parents loose control. When chikdren pay for the holiday they can have an input until then zip it! About time some parents learnt to be parents and stop giving into there children. Life unfair and the sooner chikdren learn that the better.

    What sort of dictatorship is the USA wgat right dies a president have to say where private citizen go on holiday. It's time these Americans told there politicians who they work for.
    This great democracy us a joke Americans are less free to travel than Chinese people.

    Size again children go where told to go or no holiday.
    These bigship are restricted on where they can go. Many port cannot take them.
    Not every wants to be stuck with 4000 other people
    Cruise ship are mean to be about visiting places so getting off the ship should be more important.
    These big ship are not about going to sea and visiting new place. They arevabiyt not leaving the boat so whats the point of going on a cruise. You may as Well go to a floating hotel anchored of a shore in a sunny spot.
    These vessel are just a Butlins holiday camp on the sea. Cheap working class all inclusive holidays no wonder small mire traditional cruise lines are popping to cater for the people who use to cruise. Middle classes with a but more taste and want to export ports and other countries. These theme park holiday camp cruise are not for traditional cruise people.
    Traditional cruise ship do not have pay for restaurant the cruise companies have seen a less suffocated group of oeopke with lower expectation that can be exploited. These at the new package holidays for workers they are not cruise holidays.

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