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Hi Cruisers, it’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV.
In this video we are back on board the Carnival Miracle with a deck-by-deck tour to check
out the 2015 upgrades. Let’s start with Frankenstein’s Lab. This
is a super fun place to get in a little dancing. The entrance is actually on Deck 2, but the
dancing action happens below on deck 1. Don’t worry; no monsters were harmed during this
filming. Next up is the Mad Hatter’s ball. This is
the alternate show lounge beneath the Phantom. The detail here is amazing. From the roses
on the ceiling to the hearts on the tables, not to mention the larger than life Wonderland
characters. We didn’t notice any changes in the Bacchus
dining room, but this is another area that is truly stunning. With décor that includes
beautiful statues, glowing grape lights and dramatic murals, we think Bacchus, the Greek
of God wine, would approve. There are a lot of table choices here. Large rounds, long
ocean view tables, and plenty of cozy booths and intimate tables for two. Now let’s take a look at one of the new
areas from the upgrade. This is the Miracle’s vintage themed cocktail pharmacy, Alchemy
Bar. It’s a trendy new addition with comfy seating, glowing menus and custom elixirs
to remedy anything that ails you. The Metropolis Lobby is kind of the hub of
the ship. The lobby bar is a perfect place to chill.
It’s just steps away from Guest Services and the Shore Excursions desk, and includes
a view of the dazzling elevators on one side, and a gorgeous mural on the other. Miracle’s Internet café is now the Fun
Hub, and has moved from the Raven library, to just outside of Mr. Lucky’s Casino. And,
speaking of Mr. Lucky’s, here it is in all it’s flashing and buzzing glory. There are
a number of tables to choose from, and there’s even this convenient bar. If you’re in the mood for tapas style teasers,
drop by the Taste bar. Open on sea days and select port days, it’s always a fun treat. Like cruising, but don’t want to miss the
big game … or any game? Miracle’s got you covered with the Sky Box Sports Bar – one
of the best sports bars we’ve seen at sea. This is another new area from the 2015 upgrade,
and we think it’s pretty awesome. While we are at it, let’s hop over to the
Red Frog Pub, another new addition. This Key West inspired bar features live music, private
label signature brews, and fun pub style games. Just outside of the Red Frog Pub is the Fountainhead
Lower Promenade, and this convenient coffee shop. Card players will enjoy hanging out
in The Joker Card Room. The Phantom Main Show Lounge is another area
with truly stunning and unique décor. With all the great shows and activities here, it
might be easy to overlook the motif, but it’s really worth an extra look around. White enamel
masks, candelabras, and stone figures really sell the Phantom of the Opera feel. While there’ a piano at the Gotham Lounge,
you’ll likely just hang out here waiting for dinner or friends near the Bacchus dining
room. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, or a kid, you’ll
love Cherry on Top. This new upgrade is chalked full of sweet stuff. Our son was like … well,
a kid in a candy shop. If you’re ready for a little entertainment
piano style, you’ll want to check out Sam’s piano bar. There’s plenty of seating here,
and it’s a perfect place to relax with friends and music. Want to tie the knot at sea? Yep, here’s
the place to do it. Lovely. The Raven Library feels kind of sad without
the Internet café, but it’s a nice place for a good book and a little quiet time. If you want some quiet time in a little brighter
location, check out the white trellised Gatsby’s Garden. It’s quite a unique area, but because
we have a youngling, it’s simply the path to The Wizard’s Video arcade. You’ll find
Wizard’s at the end of Gatsby’s Garden just up the stairs. As cruise ship arcades
go, this is a pretty good one. The machines were all clean and in working order during
our sailing. Games are paid for with your cruise card, so no need to worry about pockets
full of change or tokens. This is Circle C. Carnival says the C stands
for “chill,” “connect” and “cool”. It’s where young teens ages 12 to 14 go
to hang out. So, yeah, it’s a chill place. And at the total opposite end of the chill
spectrum we have the laundry room. We’ve had a few requests to include these facilities.
For us, it’s a necessary evil. There are a number of laundry rooms on various decks.
Check the posted ship maps for the closest to your room. We’ve seen where the teens chill, now here’s
where the grown ups chill. Ah yes, the appropriately name Serenity. With its terrific bar, comfy
lounger’s, pool and tub, this really is a good spot to chill. This is Horatio’s, Miracle’s buffet. They’ve
done a good job with the layout here, and we rarely had trouble finding a nice booth
or table. Including the aft Serenity pool, There are
four pools on the Miracle, The Ulysses and Siren’s pools, are located midship on deck
9. Sitting conveniently between the two pools is the Odyssey Bar. And finally the very tiny
Kid’s pool located high atop the ship close to the Twister waterslide. Now let’s take a look at the spa and salon.
There’s a lovely waiting room, a dry sauna and a steam room. The Fitness Center on the Miracle is quite
good. Starting with the large aerobic room, continuing on with a double deck full of pain
inducing workout equipment, and finishing with a relaxing hot tub. Last time we were aboard the Twister was a
bit of a let down. We had trouble slowing down or stopping halfway through, but that
was not the case this time. The whole family had a fun this time around. Here’s a tip
though, it does help to give yourself a big push at the start of the slide. These memorizing glass stairs lead to the
spectacular Nick & Nora’s steak house. We love the view here, and the food has been
consistently awesome. Here’s a look at Club O2. This is the Hang
out for high schoolers aged 15 to 17. They can do stuff like watch movies, listen to
music, play sports and video games, or join karaoke jam sessions. Mmmm, karaoke jam. And finally we have the sports deck. It has
a mini golf course, a small jogging track, and a basketball court. That’s it for this episode. Be sure to subscribe,
and hey, did you know we’re on Facebook? Search “cruise tips tv” and we’ll keep
you up to date on our latest adventures. Until next time, we’ll see you on the high
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59 thoughts on “Carnival Miracle Tour – Full Ship 2 0

  1. That's an interesting looking MDR, the decor in general is more tasteful that it was 20 years ago. Love Tapas!

    We leave in 9 days for Nola, doing tours there for a couple days since we've never been there before. Elation goes to Cozumel and Progreso. The first Journey cruises have returned, and passengers seem very happy with the bonus entertainment. Carnival seems to be stepping things up.

  2. Great review again, as all your reviews are. We will be going on the Miracle again for the 3 time 11/14/15. Our cruise will be PV over night. I was wondering do they still do the passenger talent show or Legends show now that they don't have a house band in the Phantom Lounge? I also saw your review on CC as well. You do such a great job. Thank you from a grateful cruiser.

  3. Why are all the shops and fun stuff on deck 2? shouldn't that stuff be on decks four through five? plz clear this up by replying

  4. Hello Miracle I plan to visit you in the near future—- Remember miracles are gifts from GOD and I plan to enjoy them all…..

  5. This has the same layout as the Carnival Pride (sister ship) and we absolutely loved her! It's a smaller ship, but never felt over crowded and it was s o easy to get around. We even got married in the chapel and had the reception at the piano bar. We get to go back on her in 10 days to go to Bermuda ☺ Can't wait!

  6. Great tour, and from your tour I doubt I will ever be sailing on the Miracle!! Not a miracle for me!! Past experiences with Carnival always made me think of Star Trek Voyages – lots of bright, neon lights and strange color schemes (give me a migraine). I guess I'm not a party person – I don't drink alcoholic beverages (sorry Bacchus)!
    Anyway, thanks for the tour Sheri!! I did learn a lot about the ship!!

  7. The Select Models 'Cruiseboat Photoshoot' will be held on this ship on Oct 30th… leaving Long Beach at 4pm with 7 models and 5 photographers… PARTY ON!

  8. Very well done video. We will be cruising on the Carnival Miracle leaving Saturday, November 5, 2016 heading down the Mexican Rivera for 7 days. Thank you for showing me and my hubby what we have to look forward to on the Carnival Miracle.

  9. Great tour !! The Miracle is hands down our favorite Carnival ship and crew. Great for photographers too such a visually interesting ship.

  10. My kids and I got off the Glory last month and we're boarding the Miracle in 55 days! I love the literary/classical design! I will miss the Movies Under The Stars from the Glory, though… sigh

  11. Hi there. Great Video. We are going on a 14 day cruise in September this year on the Miracle out of Long Beach for our Honeymoon. Do you know if the cruise lines have extra activities for the longer cruises, or will there be several gaps in time with no activities or shows?

  12. I'm going on this for spring break and I can't wait.We're taking the Mexican coast line

  13. Love your channel! I hear there's a small kids pool on the top deck and was hoping to see it in your video. Let me know if I missed it. Thanks!

  14. I have been on 3 cruises and they are fun and awesome and I love the food and I am going on another cruise! Carnival Miracle I can't wait for it

  15. I just got back i had a extended balcony room and it was amazing. Just try not to gamble on the first day on sea learn from my mistakes

  16. I haven't been here since fall 2009. I totally forgot how Awesome this was. So many great memories and I still keep in touch with all the friend's I made there. Must go again.

  17. Great tour of the ship!! We are sailing The Miracle out of Tampa this coming November! We also reserved the steakhouse on the first night!! Can't wait…279 days to go…LOL! ☺

  18. Nice mythology reference at 2:00, but Bacchus is actually the Roman god of wine. 😀 (Dionysus is the Greek god.)

  19. I'm gonna take this cruise soon but seeing this video I really have to say I don't like it to much, if I compare with the previous cruises I been before this is a piece of ___. Not really happy with this election.

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