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Hey Cruisers it’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV. Welcome to our video tour of the Carnival
Miracle. First up, the water slides. This is definitely a fun spot for the kids, but
grown ups may find it’s less of a thrill ride. We tended to slow down or stop all together
in several spots on this slide. Kids, however, seemed to shoot right down with no problem. Next up we have the kid’s pool, one of four
pools on the MIRACLE. The Ulysses and Siren’s pools are located midship on deck 9 (the lido
deck). The Serenity Pool as it is now known, is located aft, and is adults only. Now we’ll hop over to the sports deck for
mini golf. There’s also an area here for basketball, and a jogging track. And yes,
with a little creative editing I can get a hole in one, and change the color of my ball
– magic! Now that we’ve worked up an appetite, let’s
check out a few places to refuel. We’ll start with the Bacchus Dining Room. Named
for the Greek god of wine, this place is crazy cool with purple tones, and definitely lives
up to the wine namesake. This place is seriously grapey. Next up for the serve yourself types, we have
the lido buffet- Horatios. It appears to be themed after the fictional Horatio Hornblower.
There is much to see beyond the standard buffet stations. They do a good job with this layout.
We never encountered more than a few minutes wait in line, and we were always able to find
a nice booth to enjoy our meals. There’s a definitely a lot of food options here, but
if you’re looking for a little ice cream or frozen yogurt, head to Swirls. On sea days and select port days, head over
to Deck 2 along the Promenade, and check out the Taste Bar. If you’re ready for a little fine dining
and an upscale atmosphere, it’s hard to beat Nick & Nora’s, the onboard steakhouse.
This is truly a lovely place by day and by night it takes on a romantic tone. Cozy tables,
soft light and a spectacular black and white photo of the 1930 Manhattan skyline await
you. Did we mention the awesome food? For us, it was worth a second visit. Be sure to
take the glass elevator up, it’s quite an experience. Okay, now that we’ve had the visual feast
of feasting spots, its time to burn a little off at the gym. Get primped in the Venus Salon
for formal night and indulge in a beauty treatment or manipedi. And finally there’s no better place to relax
with a good book than the Raven’s Library. If you like your text digital, it doubles
as an Internet Café. If you’d like to get in touch with your spiritual side, a visit
to the chapel should do the trick. Ready for a little entertainment? How about
some music to start? Drop in to Frankie and Johnnies for a little party music, or Sam’s
for piano. Feel like a trip down the Rabbit Hole? Check
out the Mad Hatter’s Ball, the alternate show lounge just beneath Phantom the main show
lounge. A few steps up from the rabbit hole you’ll find yourself transported to a Paris
Opera House. And what Opera house would be complete without a Phantom? White enamel masks,
candelabras, and stone figures really sell the Phantom of the Opera motif. Feeling lucky? Head over to Mr. Lucky’s
casino. There’s a plethora of slot machines, tables, and the whole shebang. It’s the
real deal. If you packed your dancing shoes, you won’t
want to miss Frankenstein’s Lab. You’ll want to steer clear for Frank though…rumor
has it… he’s got two left feet. Got kids? Miracle’s got you covered with
Pinocchio’s club, Camp Carnival and for the tweens, Circle C. And, last but not least, if you are persistent
you’ll locate the seemingly hidden arcade, Wizards, by strolling to the end of the white
trellised Gatsby’s garden, and heading up the stairs. That’s it for this episode. Thanks for watching
and if you stuck with us for the whole thing, you may as well subscribe, right? If you liked this tour, hit that thumbs up
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Until then, we’ll see you on the high seas.

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