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  1. My sister and i went on the original Carnival back in the early 1980's.I remember fondly sitting on the lounge chairs on the indoor deck,looking out at the ocean, and noticing how well this ship was constructed.The supports,rivets,nuts and bolts were something someone may have seen on the ship,THE TITANIC.Amazing craftsmanship! I recall it being built sometime around the late 1950's(1957?).I always wondered what happened to it.Haven't seen it in any Carnival Cruise Line brochures.My sister and i also went on the Mardi Gras.Both ships were amazing for their time! But,they were nothing like the gigantic ships built by Carnival and other cruise lines today!

  2. The narration sounds like a ransom phone call! >_<

    "CarNiVal CrU1$e LiNE WAs f0uND3d bY T3D ArisON. If aNY p0LiCe Are SEEn @t The MeeTINg PlAC3, YouR DAughTER wiLL be KilLLed…"

  3. Smart thinking – liners were dead with air travel – these were casinos that went at slow speeds to Med ports. Notice the timing, which is everything in any business. Casinos on water with cheap bankruptcy prices – speed cut to minimum, one week trips for the masses. Freighters never lost to the airplane.

  4. The masses bought the airplane stocks at the worst time. The rich bought Carnival stock at the beginning of this new industry – ships to nowhere. Hotel/Casinos at 10% the capital costs. Only a fool would buy airplane stocks at their zenith. All info here is smoke and mirrors. Cost of capital is everything.

  5. I recall these ships when my wife and I began cruising on Carnival back in the mid 90's. Back then the service was excellent. Carnival offered mid night buffets, free recent movies in your cabin and generous sized drinks in souvenir glasses . Even the food back then was so much better. That's all gone now. Carnival isn't what it used to be.

  6. This is a complete copyright infringement. Most or all of these images are by me or from my collection. This entire video and text was lifted from my posts on I suggest you remove this at once.

  7. Love learning about my fav cruise line—-
    However, whatever possessed someone to decide to use this robot voice--Ruins things– 🙁

  8. The Festivale was a beautiful ship one of the old style proper ships not like the modern bath tubs you see today designed for maxium passanger cramming. Great memories working in the Casino 1990/91.

  9. It is now a firm race between Carnival and Royal Caribbean as the largest cruise line in the world ( excluding sister companies etc) as it stands Carnival have 1 more ship then Royal Caribbean however Royal Caribbean at this stage will surpass them in due course as they have another 2 ships slated for construction and talk of another

  10. Does anybody remember the escorts from Liverpool who worked on the Mardi Gras in 1972? The rock group in the 'Point After Club'?

  11. The video is interesting but the voice drives me nuts. Can't they find somebody better? She sounds like she doesn't know how to read English.

  12. My first and only cruise was on the Festivale in the summer of 1979. My parents took me on this cruise and I was 16. I was sort of bummed on the way to Miami, because I would be hanging out by myself the whole time……… I though. There were more chicks on this boat that I could shake a stick at! I was a single guy (like me) dream come true! During the nights, I practically lived in the Fanta-Z disco.

    Man, I still think about that trip to this day! That was one of the greatest times of my life. It's sad that the Festivale was broken up in Alang, India in 2003. I guess it's the ultimate fate of all ships. It's weird, even though I was only on that boat for one week in 1979, now that the ship is no longer, it seems like a death.

    Thanks for posting this.

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