Canoeing & Kayaking Lessons for Beginners : Safety Precautions: Beginning Canoeing & Kayaking

On behalf of, my name is
Raymond T. Meyer of Lost Island Voyages, Miami, Florida. This is Ben and Antonio. Today we
are going to touch on the subject of beginning canoing and kayaking. Whether kayaking or
canoing there are certain things that beginning boat travelers must take into exception. For
one always take a buddy with you at lease for beginners. More advanced canoers or kayakers
may go by them self and they take separate security precautions. With all beginning you
really should go with a buddy. There also certain things you may also take in account,
such as protected waters, also current, wind, chop, this things are very, very important
to remember especially for a beginner. Also it is best to never to drink while on a canoe
for very obvious reasons. You want to make sure to rent from a reputable source. Usually
this canoe and kayak rentals places would insured that you are boating in protected

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