Canoeing from Strömstad to Tresticklan National Park, Episode 1 – Hypothermia

What, how I got here? Well, it’s a long story. But, it started in my garden, actually When heading for a solo adventure from Strömstad to Tresticklan National Park Starting almost next to my house I was planning to paddle the nearby lake and continue upstreams in the small river Vättlandsån as far as possible, hoping to cover as much distance as possible before the stream gets to narrow. And then I’d have to make a transition on land heading for a nearby lake system that I’ll use to quickly get through an area with steep hills Sick-sacking between lakes until I reach the Elgåfossen waterfall. From there going upstreams to get further east before making a final push over land, aiming for as many small lakes as possible and then entering the large watersystem of Kornsjö which will carry me all the way to the stream leading into the final lake Boksjö, next to Tresticklan National Park A distance I was hoping to cover in 3-4 intensive days. If everything went as planned. Which… well… Realizing that I was increasingly getting symptoms of moderate hypothermia and being close to a road for the last time in days meant this was my last chance to retreat with some ease. So I decided to cancel the expedition, for now. Calling for help and after four days in fever, I was restored and a few months later I returned to pick up where I left To be continued

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