Canoe Strokes

My family loves to go floating. If you’ve never
tried it, we can get you started. Most important: always wear a life vest…even if you’re a strong swimmer. Canoes are unstable, so to be safe, stay low…stay in
the middle…and don’t move around a lot. Hold the paddle with one hand over the grip, and
the other about 6-inches above the blade. Insert the blade near the side of the canoe and dig down until
your bottom hand almost touches the water, and sweep back. As the blade leaves the water, flatten it like an airplane wing.
Bring the blade forward…keeping it close to the water…and repeat. To move backwards, reverse the motion. To turn the canoe, use a drawstroke. Insert the paddle out
in the water with the flat side facing you. Pull back with your lower hand. Reverse that stroke to turn back. Insert the paddle right next to the canoe and
push away with the bottom hand. These are basic beginner strokes. The stern paddler needs to know a
variety of strokes to steer…so put the beginner up front.

3 thoughts on “Canoe Strokes

  1. My mom gave me a canoe she bought but never used. Really nice looking but has to be painted.I hate the dark green color. Cant wait to go fish on it.

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