18 thoughts on “Canoe Spring Break (5 days canoe trip, Giethoorn, Netherlands)

  1. wow.. nice going, good paddle technique, good kit well taken care of, good eating, good drinking, good company (yourself), nice wildlife, nice campspots, great surrounding. . I saw a lot of familiar places from once upon a time when I was younger. .. 5 days.. this is trip I have to go on myself one day.
    I do feel a bit bad because of upsetting quite a lot of deer,geese and wild boar lately in my drive to have nice camp outs.. respect for you dignity. .. hats off!
    till the next one! cheers

  2. Mooi filmpje hier!! Erg mooi met die google earth flyover animatie hoe heb je dat zo mooi gedaan heb je hier een tool voor gebruikt?

  3. Nice job. Looks like a beautiful area, and maybe someday I may make it from Canada to do the same trip. Cheers  from Nova Scotia

  4. Absolutely brilliant! Love it! Enjoyed every minute of it! So happy to have cross your youtube road, great discovery!

  5. Where can I get a navigation map of this area or in Nederland in general like the one you ve got in your square box, I guess you printed it yourself.. any link I can check? feeling inspired with your country now that I've checked some of your vids.. I did a nice bicycle tour when I was in my 20s there, great memories, I could paddle a bit now..

  6. Absolutely fantastic. You deserve a lot more subscribers!!! I hope you never lose interest in making videos they are very enjoyable to watch. Thanks 🙏🏻

  7. Ik heb weer genoten, jouw croc scoort hoge ogen hahaha , serenity dat vind ik toch wel het juiste woord voor wat en hoe je het elke keer in beeld brengt . Heel mooi gedaan. Groet!

  8. Ik geniet met volle teugen van je avonturenfilms (want dat zijn het). In een gebied waar ik woon! Ik ben jaloers op je kano haha! Bedankt voor deze mentale doping!

  9. A beautiful paradise with divine harmony, spirit creatures, and floating islands. You have found Perelandra!!

  10. Hello neighbour, what a fantastic idea to drive through the dutch channels with little canoe. I like the netherlands very much, spend holidays with family there for generations ((-;
    Take care and stay healthy. "Good path" Alex from the Eifel
    How did you make this great camouflage pattern on boat?

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