Canoe Mobile Program

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*Music Begins* Today is we’re partnering with an organization from Minneapolis Minnesota which is the Wilderness
Inquiry. This is the third year they’ve come to the
Chattahoochee Nature Center. And they bring out these really cool, 24-foot
wooden Voyager Canoes. Something like Lewis and Clark paddled around
when they were discovering America. And we’re able to get nine students in there
with a naturalist and take them out on the river. And it’s like every boat is its own little
classroom. And we can teach them about water, and water
resources, the cool vast array of plants and animals that are in our Chattahoochee River
Basin. The motto and the mission of
Wilderness Inquiry is anyone, anytime, anywhere, and so we were thinking of people who were
underserved, people who might not have easy access to the wilderness, and that comes down
to people who may be are lower income in big cities, or maybe people who have disabilities,
and so at the heart of our mission is to help make connections and build bridges so that
people who might not have the means to get to the wilderness, we can kind of bring it
to them. And that’s why we bring these six beautiful
giant Voyager Canoes all over the country with us. So we show up and we partner
with people like the Chattahoochee Nature Center, the U.S. Forest Service, National
Park Service, EPA, it depends on the different city, the different partners that help host
this program with us. But we specifically bring the canoes and we
take youth and adults alike out for canoe rides, while the land partners host outdoor
education workshops. The students that are coming
out this week were selected jointly between the Chattahoochee Nature Center and the West
Atlanta Watershed Alliance, trying to get a good diverse cross section of inner-city
Atlanta and metro-Atlanta primarily to get those kids out onto the Chattahoochee River,
which is the source of their drinking water and more importantly, their water is coming
off of the Chattahoochee National Forest. So it all ties back into the importance of
sustainable forestry and quality water for drinking purposes, and recreation. They had a great time out on the river today. So, the Chattahoochee Nature
Center is a forty-year-old not for profit organization, we just celebrated our 40th
anniversary. Very proud of that, located here in Roswell,
Georgia. We’re situated on 127 acres along the beautiful
banks of the Chattahoochee River, which the Chattahoochee River is extraordinarily important
to the city of Atlanta, because it is our only main water source to supply a major metropolitan
area and in fact, one of the smallest water resources for a metropolitan area of its size. The partnerships with, for example,
the Forest Service, the National Park Service are incredibly important to us. Having hosts like the Chattahoochee Nature
Center are important because we are a transient group, and we want to help foster connections
between local people and the local partners that we work with, so hopefully people will
know more, who the Forest Service is and what they can offer them in their own cities and
neighborhoods. Canoe Mobile is a program run
by Wilderness Inquiry, and you can go to for a full Canoe Mobile schedule. *Inaudible Singing*

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