Canoe Lifting Series: Chin Ups – Ep3

Hey guys so this is the next video in
the lifting series and we’re going to do the chin up or pull up. The reason why
we do this one is it’s very similar to the bench pulling that we do. It is a very
generalistic general prep sort of physical conditioning exercise. It’s a big
strength base lift that allows us to then do our more joint specific work to a much
bigger intensity, whether that’s the slider or cable or pulley and so forth.
So Matt is going to go through first off a neutral grip chin and this one
obviously targets lower fibres of trap so just go for like two reps and I’ll walk you
through it. So you can see the start position he’s drawing the shoulder
blades down, big gap between his earlobe in his shoulder making his chin go above
the bar there’s no swing of his hips. His feet nice and still and he’s almost
pulling the bar to him. He’s moving himself around the bar as opposed to
pulling the bar down so it’s that type of cue that we use for this
exercise. It’s tricep driven a little bit as well. Okay the next one is
more of a pull-up and this one targets more the posterior chain a little bit more,
obviously targets the lats a little bit more and lower fibres of trap as well so
this one involves having the palm away, draws the shoulder blades
down, [just go for two reps again] it’s the same process chin above the bar. Eyes
forward, nose forward, nice and long through the body, getting those swing of
the hip or the feet and that’s more pull-up. We use that one largely in
hypertrophy phases as well just allows us to increase their sort of width of
the lats and size of them as well to then increase the potential to transfer.
That’s more specific based work. The third one is more in a supinated grip so this
one obviously the fingers facing towards you, palms towards you. This one is
primary the bicep. We do this one the least pretty much and it targets
the posterior chain a little bit less but still good for the sort of the inner lat
as well. Same process, same technical cues as you would through neutral grip
and pull up.

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