Canoe Kayak – Nestos River

We are ready for Conoe Kayak we are ready to go down the straits of Nestos from Stavroupoli to Galani it is amazing, paddling like pros probably you will see us in the forthcoming Olympics double sculls and the gold is coming, for Greece! until now we paddled 11km… very good check my arms! welcome to Nestos, I’m Nicole we started the 23Km route from Stavroupoli to Toxotes with two stops, we are in the second stop, with the people at the other side next to me is Bob, guide as well from which parts of the world are people coming? σfrom all over the world Cyprus, Germany, UK, swweden, Switzerland, Belgium do they enjoy the nature? they are impressed by the green the scenery that combines, canyon, mountain, green, river can we do this all year round? all year the river is beautiful every year, every season we see something different with different equipment in winter can children do it? children of many age can do it. It is easy and very simple the 23km we are canoeing have been characterized as the aesthetic forest of Nestos it is a protected area full of fauna with a very rich flora as well for those going down the river it’s a very scenic route and you can enjoy a beautiful site of our area the descent of river Nestos from Stavroupoli to Toxotes came to an end, and we really enjoyed it!!!

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