Canoe Camping 3 Days Exploring the Backcountry, Canoe, Fish, Camp – Episode 2

[Applause] ICAC buh buh buh I see damage the earlier group of lucky enough to find a canoe cart on this poor Tosh – got 300 meters today’s lunch McSweeney’s beef jerkey proudly Canadian really like this jerky not sponsored but the awesome if I would look at that turkey boy yeah that piece of jerky they brought on Tampa game decent size Wow Wow we just arrived on the other campsite and we’re getting the tent set up and getting all set Suns coming out finally really nice gonna take some layers off yeah we ended up releasing that hike we’re gonna try to catch a bigger one try to catch some walleye – let’s set up the tap and then go fishing Beauty walleye few centimetres too small to keep they got to be 50 so putting back good the bareback setup and sight is looking comfortable we got wood all we’re missing is fish I caught one walleye and then a small pike Oh [Music] first half of the manic that should hold pretty good go grab the other half gotta concentrate make sure I don’t lose any in the fire that really simple recipe there’s lots of recipes on on internet my recipe I put usually three cups of flour and then I’ll put a tablespoon of sugar a tablespoon of salt I’ll put maybe brown sugar or white sugar and then I usually put one or two tablespoons of baking powder and then I like to what I’m capping roll it on a stick like this tastes a little bit more smoky and gives it a good flavor I added also some dried cranberries you can put like nuts dried cranberries dried blueberries whatever berries you find out in the bush to that are edible getting smoked and then sold three yeah three cups of flour and I want to put one for three of like the liquid so at home all I’ll use milk I’ll put one cup of milk and out here I just put one cup of water that works fine and on the baking powder one or two tablespoons yeah making sure nothing will fall off and then I planted this stick in the ground and use the log so I can lower my panic right on the fire like that I forgot to mention to I I put a little bit of butter in my recipe to maybe I don’t know like a bit of butter melt it throw it in there perfect go wash my hands oh I forgot to mention if you do bad off like this on the stick make sure you use a steak that doesn’t taste anything and that’s not like toxic tree or toxic wood so my go-to tree is white birch I think the barracks just about ready we took some some pieces from the bottom took 40 minutes 10 minutes to cook on the four sides it’s about 8:30 now caught a super nice walleye slightly too short so put him back man it’s fun catching fish well rested night was pretty uneventful and going to bed good night morning folks slept super good slept good night hours from 10:00 to 7:00 rained last night good thing we put our firewood under the under cover here [Applause] let’s get a fire going and cook some oatmeal we kid was always on to work [Applause] it’s uber shots we collect a caste dupes meda we did bespeak appreci indomita was partial eclipses ago gender will do Scorpios nice walleye these are called dull hey in French the dog a means golden so to the golden color nice right behind us where we caught the walleye there’s a nice osprey nest on this little island I’m gonna try to get a little bit closer just leaving macguffin League portage back all the water the sun’s out got crystal clear perfect you guys hear that silence a couple arrowheads couple lilies super-quiet just heading into jackson lake it’s perfect it’s the biggest lake know when so we can travel pretty good with the canoe look at this super nice I feel like we’re in a painting more arrowheads super calm can’t wish for better canoeing whether it’s almost 12 o’clock – melody quick break on shore for a chocolate bar this is a different little campsite fire pit there there’s two fire pits over there two suns out all right guys we’re arriving and maybe five minutes to the place where we launch the canoe so this will most likely be the end of the video I’ll keep the camera handy just in case we we see any kind of wildlife or anything special and yeah this was an awesome trip had lots of fun caught lots of fish but maybe a dozen Pike and I caught a total of five walleye everything was too small to keep here with the fishing regulations really have to catch some big big fish to keep them and eat them but a catch and release still lots of fun and we were pretty happy happy about the weather too we got some rain last night during the night but this morning and during the day we had no rain at all pretty much so yeah if you are still watching right now I just want to thank you guys for for watching my videos and if you really like the videos please click the like button and share that would really help me out and I can I can make more videos like this and even if you guys don’t really it’s so much fun I’ll keep doing videos anyways but yeah thanks for watching and yeah hope you guys enjoyed it Cheers [Music] [Music]

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