Canoe Building Workshops

Ted: well as I just said, thanks for coming. Peter: I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time, thank you. David: I got the book in ’88. I read it, it sat there for twenty years! Peter: the process illustrated in there it just captured me! I thought, I have to do that. I want to be a canoe maker. Marco: I produced a canoe, but I don’t like it! So I’m here to improve my skills. Andrew: I’ve loved wooden boats all my life. I just admire them every time I see them on the lake so I’ve always thought, “someday I want to take a course and learn how to do that.” That’s why I’m here. Ted: Monday morning we’ll come in here at 8 o’clock… Start by shaping the stems… start planking… up to the centreline… it’s going to be a rich, beautiful boat. [chatter] Ted: …then it comes around here… you know, the sides are coming in… Joan: Chicken soup.

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