Building a Shipping Container Wall – Tiny Shipping Container House – Ep. 004 – Living Tiny Project

Hello. In this week’s episode we are
gonna talk about how we built this wall. Yeah. Actually, as you guys know, this wall was… as we cut the container in half, this was what was completely empty. So, we had to do the whole thing from scratch. So, let’s get to it. So. This is the floor of the container,
this is the wall, this is the next floor, that we gonna put, that’s 3 centimeters and then it’s gonna be like a stage, like a little high second floor. That the table is gonna be on the top of this. So, this it’s 30 centimeters. And here it’s gonna be a table like this and a seat like this. I understood. And the window is gonna be here. So, this I’m not sure exactly how high it is. Let’s suppose. 23. So, the window… from here… Guten? (German) Let’s see if fits. What are you doing, babe? When we cut … when we cut this structure, this.. how you say… column did like, like this. So, now you’re pushing back on place. Pushing back to the place. Because right now the distance on the
bottom is not the same as the distance on the middle. So, now now we’re trying to pull apart , so if… Let’s see. Now, the finally test, final test. Is that good? Perfect. Good enough. Now. Next one. What are you doing? Just compressing both containers together, so we can take this off. Why do you want to take this off? Because we put on the wrong side. Need to be sideways, not up, it’s like upside down. How about the result? I mean, it’s not perfect, but… we are getting there. So, we need to solve this problem now. Yeah. Because this is thicker than this. I’m not sure if it’s possible to see. This is thicker than this. So, we have a hole here and we need to cover. So, we are gonna get a small… we’re gonna just get a small part of this steel, we’re gonna cut a stripe here, and we’re gonna weld on the end here. So, Maycon is the one that cuts and I’m the one that weld. Ok. Team work. And she is the one that films. What happened? No, I’m just… Just take me off the gas so we can bring the machine inside. Why? Because it’s too windy. So, is that working? So so. Because now we’re working with the
container plate it’s a little bit different. And the wind is really… not
really strong but for welding is strong. So, if the wind blows the gas off it’s
pretty hard to weld, but we’ll try. So. Here inside the better than outside? Yeah. We came inside, I’m just tick welding every little, I don’t kown, 10 to 20 centimeters, and then… just to hold on place, and then tomorrow, hopefully, if there’s no wind, I’ll weld outside, the whole line. But, the forecast says that will be raining. The whole week. So, what is the plan for today? Well, we need to clean up the welds, on the bottom, and then we need to finish the weld on the top, and on the sides. If.. after that, we still need to put a cold zinc to protect the weld. If we have time, we’ll give a primer paint after dries. And if we have time, even more, if it doesn’t rain, we need to measure and cut the top part. Another one, just like this. There. Yeah. The worst part is to put the
piece there. Yeah. But let’s get to work. Yep. That’s what happen when you forget to turn on the gas. And that’s why the other day was really hard to weld. Because there was a lot of wind and I didn’t know what was going on. But, it was the wind that was taking the gas off, so you could not get a perfect weld. And today you forgot to turn on the gas. Yeah. Let’s do it. Let’s try it now. For real now. That’s a weld getting good. That’s way
better. So, we are basically just marking the
spots that I need to do a little fixing on the welding, because there is a small
hole and we want to make sure it’s watertight. So, we’re just marking the
right spots. Not bad, ah? Not at all. For the first time… I guess you’re getting used to the tools. I was looking for you there. I was lost because I was looking for you. I guess you are getting used to the tools. Yeah. It was really fast, actually. Do you think so? Yeah. Yeah. So, now it’s done. Is actually.. it’s actually not that heavy It’s lighter than I though. Good. So, I guess, if doesn’t rain tomorrow, we might be able to do it. It’s here. Let me show. Can you point? Where is it? Yeah. So, it’s for this part here. Yes. The first thing was just trying on
place to see if fits, because we are not we’ve never tried before. and we just need to take, like maybe two fingers off the side… Well, I hope you guys have enjoyed this
episode. Next week we’re gonna talk about how we’re gonna build the entrance door, that’s gonna be right here. See. Do you like it? See you guys next week.

39 thoughts on “Building a Shipping Container Wall – Tiny Shipping Container House – Ep. 004 – Living Tiny Project

  1. hello can you all come to the rule area and help me get started on my tiny home. I'm starting off with a storage shed if you have any ideas on new ways of me doing it please help me please my finances not that good so I am doing little by little thank you

  2. I like what u guys are doing. Really looks like alot of fun, but it is taking waaaaay to long. Im not trying to criticize here, but man two days to slap two pieces of steel up & tac weld it on should've taken 2 hrs. Maybe.
    Anyway i have never done t his before so what do i know?? I am gna sub bc now i am curious how its gna turn out 👍👍👍🇺🇸

  3. Opa… comecei acompanhar o projeto! Moro no Rio Grande do Sul e estou fazendo junto com a minha esposa nossa casa com 4 Containers de 40 HC!conpletamente SOZINHO uhullll new life style!!!

  4. question, why did you cut the whole wall off, if you were going to weld it back after? Original welding would have been best left. Couldn't you just have cut the middle section instead? good ideas btw. Ive always wanted to have one made as well.

  5. I'm loving going through the episodes in order. My wife and I are planning on building a shipping container house and your videos are the most comprehensive when it comes to the actual process (everyone else just skips around).

    They also go to show a saying "measure twice/cut once". Not criticizing, you're doing an amazing job, but it emphasizes how sometimes the most simplistic things (like welding a bar into place), can open up new issues (like a hole in the back of the bar), that take time.

    And your girl (I'm sorry I forget your name while typing this comment), is so patient with you, I'm surprised she hasn't said "Why don't you stop, and think about it a bit longer", however when she ask why you're doing, and you explain, she's like "oh, OK :D". You guys are a great team, and when taking on a project like this, that's what you need

  6. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have stumbled upon your channel. I am about to build my second container home. I just needed a reminder and some inspiration!

  7. Hello from India. Lovely to have found your channel, it is just what I needed to explore and understand how to go about a shipping container home. Cheers!

  8. Hi Odd Life Crafting! Greetings from Columbia, South Carolina, USA. I just subscribed to your channel. Binge watched your videos during the holidays and I think my wife thought I was losing my mind. (Chuckle). You two are such a cute couple! I applaud your attention to detail and your incredible patience! Keep up the beautiful work! I am so looking forward to more videos!

  9. If you weld the sheet panel back because you cut the wrong place how would you keep from warping the wall?

  10. Hi both a new follower from the UK just started watching your videos from episode 4, so I have to watch a lot of previous videos to catch what your doing to build your dream.

  11. Vi a entrevista de vocês no canal do Letra Jota, gostei muito das idéias de elaboração do canal de vocês … Isso inspira mais para eu aprender o inglês.

    Ganharam mais um inscrito !

  12. Watching a bunch of your videos and they make me smile. You guys are good together and I love the enthusiasm. Duca reminds me of a good friend of mine when we were both young. He was (still is) always upbeat and positive. Never heard him say something couldn't be done or get angry with adversity. He is a successful business owner now and I tell young people to spend time with him if they want to learn about business and how to treat people. You also remind me of myself 20 years ago Duca. Left university with a good academic degree and moved to a small town where I had to learn various manual skills to make a living. Never had a lot of help (no family support and in a new town) and so you do a lot of trial and error to learn a skill (theory is good but practice is better). Made some terrible disasters when I started. Got very good at what I do (gate and garage door motors and peripherals) over 20 years. I always help any of the young guys who asks now, often for no charge because I remember how it felt. Didn't get rich here but it was a great place to bring up kids (out of the city between the sea and the mountains) and the people I've met have made me a better person than I was.

  13. ola meu amigo, tudo blz por ai?
    my name is marcos i from brazil! i am welder im manifacuture toldos , letreiros, coberturas etc. estou para ir para a australia! vcs são de qual city? se tiverem interece no meu trabalho e puderem me dar um ai vai my whatssap 55 21 988656280. thank you.

  14. Hi, friends.
    Very interesting and very useful videos! Mu question: what kind of welding process are you using? I don't unerstand the use of gas. I'm not a welder but I used to work on oil rigs and the only times I have seen gas used for welding was when welding aluminium (argon gas). Can you explain?

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