British SAS Soldiers vs US Navy SEALs – Military Training Comparison

The British Army’s Special Air Service, aka
SAS, began operations in 1941 during the Second World War. The reason for having such a specialized
set of soldiers was to get behind enemy lines and attack them from within, or at least destroy
what they could while gaining intelligence. It still takes part in operations that involve
the United Kingdom, but as it’s very much a covert Special Forces unit much of what
the SAS does is a secret. The Navy SEALs (Sea, Air, and Land team) was
formed much later, when President John F. Kennedy established them in 1962 as a clandestine
unit which, like the SAS, would take-on special missions much of the time in very hostile
environments. They also act under a veil of secrecy, and are sometimes referred to as
America’s secret warriors. If both these units are so secretive, then
how does one get a job with them? Well, with the SAS, there is a small problem
to begin with if you are a mere civilian…they won’t allow you to apply. So to start with,
you must already be in the British Armed Forces, or be a soldier in the British Commonwealth.
Another way to get in is to join the SAS reserves, and they do accept civilians. As long as you’ve
passed the reserve training and worked with them at least 18 months, you can apply to
work in the SAS proper. To apply for the SAS, you should be 18-32 years of age, and be in
amazing physical and mental shape. You’ll be required do at least a 3-year stretch.
Women can apply, but have so far been excluded from most combat movements. To apply, you
must accept that you know the harsh demands expected of you – people have died during
training – and that means signing an Army General Administrative Instruction (AGAI)
form. You’re basically acknowledging you are willing to go through hell. Next comes the medical, the Battle Fitness
Test, which will mean running fully-kitted, or squadded, for 1.5 miles (2.5 km) in 15
minutes. Apparently 10 percent of applicants don’t even make it past this point. That
pace for even an average person in running shoes and shorts isn’t too bad. Now you
start your real training. To join the Navy SEALs, you need to be a natural
born or naturalized American between the ages of 18 and 28, although at 17 you can join
if your parents say it’s ok. If you want to become an officer, you can be up to the
age of 33. The first woman ever started the training in 2017, but dropped out soon after. You’ll need to have a clean record, and
many background checks will be done. You’ll then undergo physical and mental tests, including
an eye test to make sure you have under 20/70 vision. As for what shape you must be in,
well, you are going to go through hell with the SEALs so they suggest you follow their
Naval Special Warfare Physical Training Guide. This includes lots of long and short swims
and runs, lots of interval training, as well as other workouts. As for other strength training,
their gym workouts basically tell you you’ll have to be as strong as a bull, as well have
all the cardio attributes. You’ll be screened before you can start training, and that will
mean you must show you can run 1.5 miles (2.5 km) in 11 minutes, but not squadded. This
also comes after a 500 yard (450 meter) swim in 12.30 minutes, 42 push-ups, 50 sit-ups,
and 6 pull-ups. All with a short rest in between. Once you actually start training with the
SAS, the first phase lasts 4 weeks. This will test your endurance and ability to navigate
through the wilderness – that being a harsh mountain range in Wales. In 2015, a young
recruit died during this exercise just half a kilometer from the end. He died at the part
nicknamed VW Valley, standing for Voluntary Withdrawal Valley. Two other soldiers died
that day, too, leading to an inquest into the treatment of soldiers. Some of the activities in the mountains include
a 15 mile (24 km) hike to start with. Those that can get through that then have to do
a 40 mile (64 km) hike carrying a 55 lb backpack (25 kg), a rifle, plus their food and water.
They are not allowed to use any established trails, but they do have a map and a compass.
After that, they can rest a bit and start the weapons training phase as well as do parachute
training. After that, there is 6 weeks of jungle training, usually in the rainforests
of Belize, Borneo, or Brunei. The last phase is called ‘Escape and Evasion’, which
will mean being forced into some horrible survival scenarios as well as learning how
to handle being interrogated. This will include humiliations and other psychological harassment,
as well as being blindfolded, deprived of sleep, given nothing to eat or drink, being
put in stress positions, imprisoned in a small cage, and having to listen to loud noises
all the time. SAS tough guy turned novelist said physical injuries finish a lot of people
off during training, but you need a lot of strength of will to get through the psychological
stuff. In 2016, the Washington Times reported that
one Navy SEAL died in three out of the last four training classes. One was a drowning,
another a suicide, and another a car crash after drinking heavily. The Post states that
the 6 month training will include “a seven-day stretch of little sleep, self-induced hypothermia,
and brutal physical conditioning known as “Hell Week.” It’s Hell Week where most
recruits drop out. The training in Colorado starts with 5 weeks
of pre-training in class. Get through that and you enter the realm of pain and indignity.
The Navy SEALs website doesn’t go into specifics, but states that you’ll be tested to your
limits of fatigue. This will include running through sand, swimming in oceans – sometimes
in the middle of the night with your clothes on – rappelling down cliffs or buildings
at speed, enduring cold and heat, getting lost and finding ways out, combat training,
long-distance underwater dives, weapons and explosives training, mission planning, tactics
training, and more. Hell Week seems to be the worst part. One soldier described it as
being, “designed to put you through 24/7 days of no rest and continual harassment.”
From his class of 300, only 19 completed the training. In all, it will last 5 ½ days and
you’ll almost continuously be pushed to your limits. You are allowed no more than
about 4 hours sleep during the entire training. You’ll also have to deal with integration
in what’s called the Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape phase. Former SEAL
Brandon Webb said it will involve sacks over your head, being beaten with sticks, and humiliation.
It’s here, he said, that some people lose their minds. At least after that you get some classroom
time. For 7 weeks you’ll also have a land warfare phase, as well as parachute training.
If you pass it all, you’ll be given the Navy SEAL Trident, but then have to do advanced
training. This will include sniper, communications, and free fall parachute training. Once you are done, you’ll have way more
weapons to use than a regular soldier. In the SAS, this will include a C8 Carbine assault
rifle, an Ultra Compact Individual Weapon, an M16, an HK MP5 sub machine gun, an HK417
sniper rifle, an AW 50 anti-material rifle, handguns, tear gas canister launchers, stun
grenades, rocket launchers, portable anti-personnel mines, grenade launchers, Surface-To-Air missiles,
and many more things it will take too much time to talk about. You’ll also, of course,
get all the kit, including things like body armor. According to the Navy Seal website, your regular
SEAL on land will carry such things as the Colt Automatic Rifle-15, the M 60 machine
gun, M-203 grenade launchers, a shot gun, an SASR .50 caliber sniper rifle, an M107
anti-material rifle, a Beretta M9 hand gun, a 20mm Gatling gun and AT-4 rockets. Again,
these are just some of the most used weapons as the list is endless. So, who do you think has the best training?
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  1. Obviously meant to say Special Air Service, not Special Air Force. This happens when you are doing special forces video at the same time. 🤦

  2. If you put 8 SAS people in the East of North Korea and you put 8 people in the West of NK witch one of them should have the best results ??

  3. The ghurkas are still best in the world and aussie SAS are better than british.i heard some navy seals came Aus & did the SAS course most of them failed

  4. and the cheery on the iceing of special forces around the world are the German Kampfschwimmer, the NAVY Seals first time meet them in the 1970´s during a maneuver in Italy, they were so impressed that they instantly visit the Kampfschwimmer school in Germany and installed a exchamge program, German Kampfschwimmer officers were send to the Navy Seals as instructors and Navy Seal soldiers went through Kampfschwimmer classes…. the dropout quote is so high that in some years not a single guy made it through the 6 week selection training.

  5. Friend: People think SAS are better than Navy Seals
    Me: No one could be that crazy
    Me: * Looks at comments
    Me: I’m out this world is to crazy for me

  6. SAS is the best, and have a harder training. Navy seals were trained by sas way back when that's why the navy seals have the second roughest training in the world.

  7. UK is small compared to the US, very small, but the SAS still find places to hide where no one from the public can find them, it’s amazing.

  8. You are coYourmparing 2 different teams, Navy Seals are, more like our SBS. We dont have the force the US has for sure but we have the same expertise. I dont know what Delta force is, is it even exists and i think there are more US marines than the entire UK armed forces. What we do have are the Royal Marines, Navy, fine fighting force, Paras, Army fine fighting force. i the special forces i know not enough about, but i am sure you will agree, the UK forces are although small in numbers compared to your vast military are very well respected thru fighting men throughout the world

  9. Seals have more men and more money pumped in but SAS are just class! If UK was as big as US they would both rule the world no joke.

  10. This isn't an accurate comparison. SAS are tier 1 SF. Navy Seals are Tier 2.

    You'd need to compare Delta Force with SAS to get a fairer comparison, both are seen as tier 1 SF by the Pentagon and MOD.

    And Navy Seals would be compared with UKSF Support Group which is our tier 2 SF. With Tier 1 Navy Seals (DEVGRU) being compared to UK SBS

  11. The difference being if you went into a bar the Navy seals would be quite rowdy the SAS guy will be the quiet bloke with his back to the wall

  12. the SAS are better for hostage situations, and more like swat. the navy seals are trained for more dangerous situations, and covert ops

  13. Royal marine and British para training is far more intense and physically demanding than u.s. ( supposedly )elite forces so I think you will find the answer lies there!

  14. Nice list of weapons they get issued. But can they carry them all at the same time while dual-wielding? And after all that work I'd expect them to get a minigun with unlimited ammo and molotov cocktails.

  15. I think the Uk and US are patriotic about their special forces, and each will probably claim theirs are the best of the best.
    But if I was in strife in some country, I would be very glad to see either country come to my rescue….:)

    However this seems to be all about the Navy Seals training, with some brief comments about the SAS, but is probably because not a lot is known about SAS training and weapons etc., because they are secret…:)
    What is a 'Gateling gun', as I know it as a 'Gatling Gun'….:)

  16. As a Brit we are quiet and reserved and just get it done, we do great things with very little materials or money. Our armed forces are the same. No tv program or YouTube video can give you the full training program that they go through. The SAS are the best in the world, that’s said for what they’ve accomplished during their existence and how little we know about them. There’s no showboating with them, no actual acknowledgement of what they do by the government, but you know they’re there, and for that reason they are Britain’s most feared weapon.

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  18. I love how all of these internet warriors are arguing in the comments section when it doesn’t even matter. America and Britain are close allies and it would never come down to the two countries fighting even more so for the special forces fighting each other. They’re both great and you can have you opinions just don’t go attacking other people. Thanks from an American 🇺🇸🇬🇧

  19. SAS are better in the wilds and wilderness. They have hundreds of years of survival knowledge. An SAS handbook basically saved my life when I was a Boy Scout. Their survivalist knowledge is unrivaled.

  20. I Love this, People Deciding who is Better, The S.A.S or the S.E.A.L.S …
    Who Were NEVER IN the S.A.S or
    S.E.A.L.S , I Find it Humorous
    BUWAHAHA ( Dudley Moore Laugh )

  21. Ha. This dude spends seconds on the SAS but for the majority of the video he talks all about the navy seals.

  22. Despite all the slagging off of each other I don't think either nation would rather have any other nation backing them up

  23. I think you should compare seal team six and sas. Seal team six is the elite of the elite so it would be a better matchup. Sas are still badass too

  24. Sas must run 1.5miles in 11minutes… Doubt that is right seen as the RAF, Army, Navy and Para's in the UK all need to do better than that so I doubt SAS is anything over 9mins.

  25. Bad comparison. If you're going to compare the different groups then do their equivalents. SBS & SEALs , SAS and Delta Force

  26. When people in the comments are arguing about allied special forces it really shows a large pool of people with a low IQ.

  27. The SAS is the best special forces in the world. Most others including the US used the SAS as a blueprint for their own special forces. Oh yes – and they keep quiet about it. When everyone knows you are the best, you don't need to brag. Just saying…

  28. My employer is former Australian SAS, and a Brit. He says they've got nothing on Australian selection, but are comparable on after selection training.

  29. You didn't even cover a fraction of what the SAS do They are renowned the world over as the most elite special forces unit in the world! US Navy Seals are more like Royal Marine Commandos which is a compliment. Not counting Seal Team 6 which is more like the brittish SBS. But to compare normal Navy Seals to the SAS is so far out of the ball park. Not even close.! Let's not forget Delta Force was created because of Colonel Charles Becksmith training with them in Malaysia. He was so impressed by them he took their training model and several SAS instructors back to the US and created Delta Force! Respect to the Seals though. First class!

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