BREAKING! Putin Observes Black Sea Drills by the Russian Navy With Hypersonic KINZHAL!

The most modern Russian weapons, under the impression of which the general staffs of the leading armies of the world change strategic plans and develop new tactical schemes, Moscow has demonstrated it today. Joint exercises of the Northern and the Black Sea fleets took place off the coast of Crimea. Vladimir Putin observed them in the close vicinity. The key moments of the maneuvers were the combat launches of the hypersonic missile Kinzhal and Kalibr cruise missiles. Reported by Evgeny Reshetnov. Dozens of surface warships, support ships, naval aviation, coastal formations, and a submarine – large-scale maneuvers are taking place in the Black Sea, and the Supreme Commander has arrived to observe them. Comrade Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov is ready for the military trip! Cruiser commander, captain of the first rank Kuzmin. – I wish you good health! The missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov arrived from Severomorsk to conduct joint maneuvers in the Black Sea. Currently, I must say, the weather is about the same as in the Barents Sea off the coast of Murmansk: the temperature is near zero and there’s an icy wind. Putin greeted the pilots of the fighter jets on board of the cruiser and then watched the launches of the Caliber missiles from the Black Sea frigate and submarine. Putin even followed the time on his watch during which the rocket hit the target. The very moment of reaching target was shot from the air with the help of drones that circled over the area of military operations. Exercises shows how accurate the missile attacks are and how smoothly the aviation and navy operate. Flight time – two minutes! Fighters fired “Kinzhal” and the Utyos coastal anti-ship missile system carried out two missile launches at targets that imitated enemy ships. From the deck of the cruiser, the president and officers went to the wardroom. We ask you to dine on board the missile cruiser in the company of officers. Bon Appetit! Thank you! Bon Appetit! Soon the preliminary results of the maneuvers were summed up. I congratulate you on the New Year. Merry Christmas. Thank you for today’s exercises. For how many months have you been on a duty? – Seven months.
– Do you miss your home? You’ll be back soon! Missile firing completed successfully. The Commander-in-Chief of the Navy reported this to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. More than 30 ships and more than 40 aircraft participated in exercises. Now the ships continue to maneuver. This can be observed from the Sevastopol coast. After rejoining Crimea into Russia, the Black Sea Fleet received a tremendous impetus for development, as evidenced by regular exercises. And of course, the fact that every year new ships are taken into service in Crimea indicates that the Black Sea Fleet has crucial strategic importance for the country for more than 300 years. Already on the shore, Putin was introduced with models of such ships in the near future. This is a unique opportunity to see which aircraft carriers Russia will build very soon. The new Russian aircraft carrier will be larger than Admiral Kuznetsov and it will have a nuclear power reactor. The president also walked through the exhibition, where each development was represented by company managers and chief engineers. Putin was shown a hybrid of a helicopter and an airplane that can carry cargo, strike, and be used in civil aviation. A range of two thousand kilometers and a speed of more than five hundred kilometers per hour? Interesting… All of these is happening at the branch of the Nakhimov School in Sevastopol. This is an educational institution with an 80-year history, apart from a break in the years when Crimea was Ukrainian. Future marine officers are trained here. The Navy has always been and remains the most important and key component of ensuring national defense and security. And in the 21st century, we must maintain and strengthen the status of our country as one of the leading naval powers. I note that in recent years we have devoted increased attention to the Navy development, directed significant resources and funds for these purposes. We will continue to ensure that the fleet is modern, equipped with the latest technology. As you know, in the near future the share of modern samples the weapons and equipment of the Navy should reach 70 percent. And again, this indicator we will need not only to achieve, but it should also be held. That figures and indicators are not the main thing, Putin speaks every time at all such meetings, at a series of military meetings in Sochi, at the final board of the Ministry of Defense in Moscow. In order for the fleet and army to be competitive on the world stage, they must be constantly improved. It is important to consider that over the past decades, the quality and approaches to the design and construction of ships in the world have changed markedly. Today, the reduction of the production time and cost of naval equipment is possible only with the use of advanced technologies and processes throughout the cycle of its creation of this equipment. Only on this basis it is possible to increase the seriality of ships under construction, reduce the time of their arrival in the Navy and improve the repair conditions. The equipment has shown its high reliability – commander of the Russian Navy Nikolai Evmenov. New forms and methods of its application have been tested. The personnel has shown professionalism. The objectives of the exercise have been achieved. The results of the exercise will be analyzed. and you will be informed about this. Putin thanked Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the sailors for organizing the exercises. The Black Sea Fleet will receive at least 16 more ships in 2020.

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  1. I'm from United States and I envy Russia for having the greatest president of all time … a pure Genius as well

    Russia ❤👊

  2. Stop praising theses war monger whatever it's putin's russia or trump's us.

    Btw, yep hypersonic missiles can be stopped. There strong features are also their weakness at the same time. Just think about it with opened minds.

  3. Russia's intentions are clear to see, they want to be the new US of A… Sorting mess out in Syria, Lybia, prevented Venezualan Coup…

  4. yes we have hear alot about but never have see it or you mean this mikey mouse is hypersonic?? i bet my head if you can go even near to 1mach!! your wapons like of the americans is to fight a gypsy camps or kindergardens or to be hold for show of the tourk memet patati and kromidi sack parade in ankara infront of your new proud friend erdi colega und not to fight any basic regular army!

  5. It is impressive for sure, but the weapon you have to be afraid of is the one they don’t release on video to the public..

  6. You know, Russia is the biggest threat of NATO, but US don't have the balls to pull a magic trick like they did Qasem Soleimani.

  7. This is really dumb of Russia when one of their rockets just killed 176 people. They should be apologizing and investigating what went wrong and how to correct it so that it never happens again. We are sick of seeing air travelers dying from Russian anti-aircraft missiles.

  8. NOT HYPERSONIC ! Nice propaganda but only showing the start of the rockets and nowhere in full speed flight. Because that would be giving away the real speed of the rockets which is equal to other rockets of this type or slightly above it. :-))

  9. Пусть понаблюдает за зарплатами населения, ценами на бензин и диз топливо на заправках, а так же за ценами в пятерочке.

  10. Trump Putin Me Justin etc … will be doing a high class drug fuelled gangbang ……. somewhere pn a deserted island

    with blonde hotties (4 me)

    i promise not to look at the guys during


  11. Oh hey, Putin dressed up like a Navy man. First it was action hero, a feral hunter, judo martial artist, a saintly man of God, and now,…. Popeye..

  12. I only read the comment section to see what government propaganda looks like. Thanks Russia for your display.

  13. Salute to pres.putin.. thanks for the military hardware hope more hardware to use with out condition set by ur govt. Unlike u.s.a always set a condition before we buy to them. thru pres. Duterte PHIL-RUSSIA TIES GETTING STRONGER

  14. I read the comments on this story. It seems that if the presidential elections were announced now on a global scale, Putin would get 80% of the vote. Just like in Russia. I'm from Moscow and I'm very happy with it)

  15. Russian is the best… Putin very good….
    from Indonesian… 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

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