10 thoughts on “Boundary Waters Canoe Trip 2011

  1. Tuscarora has been our Outfitter for years. It was odd to see you use their phone. We usually don't come anywhere near their location when traveling. They drop us off and pick us up at more remote spots. I love Jeff's pictures, very good photos. The stars are much more visible without the light pollution from the city. We have seen the Northern Lights on several occasions but never took pics or video. I think I was too overwhelmed by the natural beauty to share it. Good video.

  2. Great video. This reminds me of 3 week canoe trips from camp in Northern Wisconsin, when I was a teen.

  3. Loved the video guys!! I'm going this year (2012) on the same weekend as you went last year. I hope my trip goes as well as yours. Thanks for sharing

  4. I'm not sure what the stove was… the outfitter provided it. There was a base for the propane cylinder to sit on, and the stove top screwed to the propane cylinder. It did work very nicely though!

  5. Great video but they need to re-do the closed captions. "Call home for the freemen uh… arafat." I don't think that's what you said about setting up your tent, what you call home for the night.

  6. Yeah, the automated captions from YouTube are rather sketchy… I'm working on retyping the captions, that should be updated soon.

  7. I've actually stayed at that first sight you visited, absolutely gorgeous place to stay, but kind of lousy fishing =/  

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