Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Trip 2019

[guitar music and wind blowing] [radio chatter] [insects chirping] [rushing water] Jess: That was nice. [paddling]
[water trickling] [canoe creaking]
[footsteps] David: Helloooo
Jess: [mumbling] David: Helloo
Jess: [mumbling again] David: It’s like 6 o’clock. We are on night one at our first campsite. Paddled probably, seven-and-a-halfish miles,
but I’m not sure how accurate my measuring is. Do you have anything else to say about today? Jess: Bean dip! David: Bean dip is good. We made some bean dip. We didn’t eat all of it, so we’re making dinner
right now, mac and cheese and we are going to mix the bean dip into the mac and cheese. Jess: And we watch people paddle by our campsite. David: It’s nice out. [sigh] I’m tired. [cups clink] [footsteps] David: This may be the best bear bag I’ve
ever hung. David: Yesterday, we got the perfect weather. today we are going to get cold and windy. Probably not rainy, but it’s going to frost
tonight. Wildlife! I think they’re ducks. David: I believe in you. Alright, I’ll pick you up if you’ve fallen
over on the trail. [metal canoe rattling] [wind] So, we’ve decided that this will be our home
for the next two days. We did about seven and a half miles yesterday. Probably similar again today and we are now
one portage away from Poplar Lake where the car is parked, and we have an extra day ahead
of us. So, we are just going to stay here for a while
and [Bird Calling]
Jess: [laughs] David: [caws]
Jess: It’s the bird that sounds like you. David: It’s a pretty good view here though. [Music ends]

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