Boundary Waters BWCA Part 1 Paddlewans – 2018

Well, we’re on the road. we’re gonna meet
our buddies for the for the trip up to Boundary Waters! we’re pretty excited. I
got Joe with me in the back say hello Joe we we’ve got 14 of us that
are heading up to Boundary Waters to do a little Oh what is it seven-day
six-night canoe adventure so what is pretty good right here today this
morning some is coming up it’s gonna be a hot one here so it’ll actually be nice
to be heading north and a little bit cooler weather like the weather up there
most of the week is gonna be in the low to middle 70s with overnight into 50s so
it should be perfect camping weather looking forward to it should have a lot
of fun stay with me and we’re off Spyder flat and the other car signal busy place it’s rain and now we are at
the Outfitters just collected our gear and took the
canoes down to the water’s edge stack them up I’m running back up to get my
car so I can drive it down we can unload all the stuff that’s in here right into
the canoes on the water and then bring a car back up leave it in a lot so they’ve
just got a public lot up here that saw bill Lake so check back in a few minutes and we’re off exciting it is being out
here this is exhilarating and miserable at the same time yeah yeah welcome my
introduction to battery life please apologize for the camera all right so
we’re we’ve got a pretty steady rain and I’m going to show you this because I
can’t keep up but we got a couple sponges that are helping me bail the
water but we’ve got a good inch or so just from the rain and my sponges are
floating around another float in the way I don’t even know where the second one
went get back underneath me away in the back of the stern so we’re just trying
to get to our first sight but it’s been probably a good hour 1:30 yeah I’ve just
rained so hey everybody we made camp and it
finally stopped raining and the Sun is actually starting to come out now so
it’s so much better around here than it was just a couple hours ago so we pulled
into camp and it was just coming down like crazy out there luckily it wasn’t
too windy the winds picked up now so we got off the water before the wind
really got bad but getting in here just completely drenched to the bone and then
trying to set up camp and get dinner and all just it’s tough you know and to stay
positive and work through everything and then so to top it off so I’ve got Joey
and I did stacked hammocks so he’s on the hammock up top I’m on the hammock
below we’ll be right below each other just off the same trees and got that set
up that took a while to kind of get get all wrapped up and then we’ve got just
kind of a community area where we’ve been doing some just kind of hanging out
a couple tarps again just getting those up so that we don’t have to deal with
just being rained on constantly and then back behind you might be able to see a
couple of the other dads put the tents out kind of on the far side and and the
sites not bad we’re on an island but this was our third choice so the two
other choices that we were gunning for were our already filled when when we got
over there so we had to go around the east side of the lake scout those two
sites they’re both filled then hightail it back over towards the west side of
the lake and luckily nobody was here if somebody was here then again where we
keep going until we find an open site but yeah so so we got this up and then
we started filtering some water just so we’ve got stuff
looking for cleaning for drinking for tomorrow – and so we’ve got like a
gravity filter going on down here down by where the landing is so I’ll walk
down here you guys can kind of see so if you look down here we’ve got there it is
the gravity filter bag and some of the other gear back here and then we’ve got
the canoes all stacked up careful walking backwards down here because
there’s roots and rocks and you can roll an ankle row easy so we’re down here
getting water and you have to go out a little ways because it’s still a little
murky right by the shore when we came in so we’re actually waiting out into the
water to fill it up and I thought huh I know I don’t want to do that so I come
over here about here on the rocks under me I’m swimming it’s it’s up to my chest
and startled the bejesus out of me so I was just I was not expecting that to
happen thought I was being all slick and the
next thing you know I’m in the drink climbing back out coming through here I
you know I was soaked to begin with but I mean I was up to up to here and it was
just just completely under water so I was not happy at all kind of stormed
back up to camp and kind of just had a few minutes with myself trying to get
the rest of that that part set up the the gravity filters that I brought are
great I’ll show you guys later what those are I’ve got a couple scenic bags
and a Sawyer squeeze and I’m using it as a gravity filter rather than the other
way so you can use the Sawyer and and I got a cleaning coupling I’ll show
you what that is that connects the whole thing so it makes it real easy it
filters the water real fast you know we’re being a little overprotective getting sick from drinking bad water so
you know we’ve been we’ve been chemically treating the water even after
we’re running them through the filter just to be safe well we’ll probably not
do that all the way through the trip but again it’s a first day out you don’t
want any of the kids or us succumbing to that kind of stuff so so yeah that’s
about it I’ll walk you guys out to the point here in a minute and brought the
fishing poles so I’ve got those one of them set up and I was doing a little
fishing early just uh just kind of just to kind of try them out you know shake
the rest off a little bit but it’s a beautiful view from out here so I’ll
bring you guys out and you guys can take a look so this is our view from the
point here there’s just this so the sun’s starting to peek out the rains
moving off hopefully for good I mean isn’t that gorgeous just the clouds off
in the distance and you can see the wind kind of rolling across the lake so yeah
we were way on the other side looking for sights and probably can’t see go
through the trees I think it’s right behind the tree there on the left
so you’re way over there had to come back over here that’s a cool little
island just right across away and then I’ve just been fishing here from that
from the rocks I think there’s a couple other spots that are a little better I’m
gonna go try it here later tonight as the Sun starts to go down but
Wow this this makes a huge difference now with with the rain stopping and yeah
and the Sun coming out just kind of bright in the mood we spend some dinner
you can see it kind of moved the tents just because of all the water that’s
coming through like they’re trying to find where’s the best place to be and
then we’ve got to get a bear bag hung for all the garbage and the dinner that
we have tonight we’re trying to get a little fire going but the everything is
just so drenched cuz it was coming down just buckets earlier so well see if we
can really get that roaring that beat that would be awesome
try out some pants Oh some other gear alright well I’ll check back in with you
guys later no no oh yeah there’s gonna be stars tonight that sunsets just gorgeous you

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