Bore Light Hack From Thill Nite Brite Fishing Gear

hi it’s AlaskaGranny I was checking barels and someone said wow what is that little
bore light you’re using so I thought this is unique enough I should share it with you I love going to Cabella’s and in the fishing gear they have this tiny fishing light by Thill called
Nite Brite I will hold it up see Nite Brite and what it is is a little tiny light for putting on your line if you are catfishing at night and you press down on the tip and it lights up pull it back out and it goes off I carry this with me when I go to
shows I can check the bore on barrels so what
you do is you take this little light you turn it on say you have a barrel always check unloaded then you can drop this little light right down in the barrel it lights up and you can check the bore it lights up very well and you can see
how it works and it can go in little ones it can go in longer barrels in different
sizes it fits in there see the little light pops right back out if I want to use it on a long barrel hold it inside so that I can look inside
a traditional bore light might be easier to have not always and so you can hold it in there and you can look down the barrel check the bore check it out you like to have a little light for checking the bore on barrels look for
this Thill Nite Brite in fishing gear please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. I posted a link on to this great idea Granny! Thanks

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