Booking a Cruise Ship Balcony Cabin The Best Reasons Why You Get A Balcony Cabin

with traveling with Bruce today’s video
is called booking a cruise ship balcony cabin why would you book this when you
could book this I’ll tell you why because this is not going to give you
this kind of a view from your own room this is what it’s all about in cruising
nowadays most balcony rooms are most cruise ships actually 85% of the rooms
are balcony rooms now it’s gone completely this direction and you can
certainly see why the way these are designed the way these are furnished
functional fantastic to have a breakfast on your balcony in the morning with room
service or just hanging out how can you beat this for a getaway vacation it’s
absolutely the way to go here’s a fantastic view from the back of
a cruise ship and you just sit here for hours and watch the sea pass behind you
on a sea day like that absolutely wonderful there’s a back of a cruise
ship to give an idea what some of these balcony rooms look like from the back
end of the ship fantastic of course the new ones the big Royal Caribbean ships
they have balcony rooms that look inside this is one of the allure class ships
and you’ve got balconies looking at balconies on the other side of the ship
and so you’re not looking at its seat but this is the way to go I would say
grab a balcony room where you’re looking out the side of the ship nice and high
up fantastic experiences different rooms different designs here’s a typical look
now of some of the newer Norwegian style the Suites they’re kind of curved here’s
the actual suite in real life you see how the walls are curved and the bed
they have room at the end of the bed to walk around it interesting how they’ve
come up with the ergonomics for these these cabins it’s quite amazing of
course the more money you want to spend the fancier it gets I mean you want to
have a larger koozie in your in your room on this nice oval-shaped bed you
get the money they’ve got the suite for you but it’s up to you you want to spend
that kind of money or do you want to get something basic if you have a few extra
folks coming with you you might be able to share a cabin see here’s a here’s a
cabin where you have a pull-out couch and that’s good for two folks and then
you got two folks in the bedroom there’s four
people their family for I have lots of room there or you could take something
like well this cabin coming up here in just a second not a nice big one for you
something really nice here you go this one here has the TV room which has a
couch that pulls out to a bed it has the living room with the fold-out couch it’s
got the master bedroom with the bed that’s six people in one suite pretty
nice way to go but to me this is what it’s all about grabbing a balcony and
just looking out over the ocean on a CD reading a book or having a drink
whichever way to go once I left Los Angeles on on a Princess Cruise and I
was on my balcony and I took this footage forgive me for being a bit shaky
here but this is stunning I was a windy day the waves were pretty good there
were 15 20 feet already we were only out of LA barely 15 20 minutes and I got
some of these stunning shots of the waves crashing into the cliffs here in
that southern part of Los Angeles absolutely amazing you would never see
this from land of course not from this angle
and yet I’m on a balcony outside as shaky as it is it’s still pretty good
that had to have been 2 or 3 miles away from me to be able to zoom in that close
and get that kind of a shot I’m gonna just keep quiet for a minute let you
listen to the sea this is another thing about a balcony cruise that I love
listen to this right here that’s one of the things that I love
about about any room the sound of the ocean when you’re going along it’s
absolutely fantastic its mesmerizing and that when you’re unsure and you’re
looking back at your ship it’s just great to look back at the balconies that
are up there knowing that one of them is yours you have a unit up there with
beautiful bed and gorgeous scenery outside your window it changes every day
whether you’re waking up and report whether you’re run at sea doesn’t matter
it’s absolutely worth it if you can find a balcony price cabin that might be a
hundred or two hundred dollars more for an entire week on us a a seven day
Caribbean cruise you gotta grab forget about trying to save a couple hundred
bucks by taking an inside room it just isn’t gonna pay you the dividends that
this phase you this set this knowledge of waking up every morning and looking
out over the beautiful turquoise colored water of the Caribbean Sea or
Mediterranean Sea or even if you’re in Alaska looking out of these glaciers and
forests and the trees and waterfalls this is what it’s about knowing that
this is the kind of view that awaits you every morning when you get up this is
what it’s about you got a spring for a balcony you gotta try it one time don’t
be fooled that the best value was always on an inside room there are times where
you can get a balcony for very little money more maybe ten bucks a night more
fifteen bucks a night more for balcony you got to go for it you might not get
this one with the jacuzzi on there for that little bit of extra money but still
this is something you have to take in anyway I hope you enjoyed this video
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4 thoughts on “Booking a Cruise Ship Balcony Cabin The Best Reasons Why You Get A Balcony Cabin

  1. I totally agree, a balcony is the best way to go. We've had a cove, regular mid ship and at the very back (aft balcony) and each has been great. I don't know if we could go back to a different type of room now.

  2. Can only do balconies now. Had one cruise on inside cabin and hated it. Love being able to drink coffee or even enjoy a glass of wine on my own balcony. Not sure if would love staring into someone else's balcony though. Ocean view I think is a must on a cruise ship

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