Boats for Kids with Blippi | Explore a Jet Ski

Blippi Hey! It’s me Blippi. Look at whats behind me. Yay, its a jet ski. We are going to have so much fun today riding a jet ski. Lets go! Wow wow, wow, before we ride the jet ski we need to get on our jet ski riding gear, haha. Yea! Alright, look at what I have on now. This is my wetsuit. and then I also have my jet ski key. and my safety whistle. and my life jacket. Got to put it on. Hahaha and we can’t forget about the sun block. My camera crew gave me a packet of sunblock to use. so lets put on the sunblock. Kind of taste like mayonnaise. but it helps you from staying safe against burns from the sun. Alright, here we go. Yay, now that we have our jet ski gear on its time to fill up the gas tank. Wow, big full gas tank. But its about to be empty. Now that the gas tanks all full, it is now time to ride THE JET SKI! Wow, this jet ski is so colorful! Lets look at all of the colors. There’s green. There’s Blue. Purple and Black. Riding jet skis is so much fun! Lets take off the hood of the jet ski and look inside the engine! Wow This is inside the engine of the jet ski. Wow, we got the gas tank right here. And we got the battery. And the intake. And ohh my favorite part. The spark plugs! And then… we got the Engine. this is the actual motor right here. And then the exhaust. Wow, what a powerful engine! I think we should ride the jet ski some more. Alright, lets put on the hood. We are ready to ride! Here we go! Wow, woooah! Haha Even I fall sometimes when I try new things. Well when I fall down I just get back up and try again. Because there is to much fun to be had to not try again. Weee Here we go! Ohh noo my jet ski just stopped. Now that im stuck its time to use our whistle. Yep safety whistle. Because then somebody will come and save us. Whistle sound Whistle sound Whistle sound Blippi

30 thoughts on “Boats for Kids with Blippi | Explore a Jet Ski

  1. i just needed a train video for my 1yr old stumbled across Blippi. First thought oh know so annoying then i watched some more and was like I LOVE IT!! He really makes learning fun not as exaggerated or annoying as i thought VERY EDUCATIONAL. We are hooked. Their are so many lessons he teaches in each video like the jet ski, empty an full, try again, colors, changing clothes DID I SAY WE LOVE BLIPPI??????

  2. "Kinda tastes like Mayonnaise" Cracks me up every time!! My boys can't read yet, so they don't understand why I'm laughing LOL

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