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Hi, my name is Chris Edmondson with the
BoatUS Foundation talking with you today about boating safety right now
we’re out on the water so let’s take a look at some of the things you’re going
to see out on the water like navigation aids. Most people are used to going down
the road and seeing street signs. Navigation aids are designed to give you
information by the way they look, their shape, their color whether they have
lights on them or not and knowing what all of these things mean will help you
determine where you are on a map or on a chart and help you get back to where you
need to be. First thing we want to talk about our lateral marks they are red or
green in color and they are numbered. Red marks are triangular and have even
numbers on them. Green marks are squared have odd numbers on them and are on the
left side of the waterways you’re going upstream. Right now we’re tied up to
a mooring ball. These are white balls with a blue horizontal stripe on them
they can also have a white light these are the only buoys to which you may
legally tie your boat. Regulatory marks give you specific information on what to
do when you see them. In a regulatory mark with a circle around it shows that
you are entering a controlled area such as a speed or no wake zone. So how do you
use these marks? These marks can help you just by themselves but to get the most
out of them you need to use a nautical map which is called a chart. All the
marks you see on the water are also on the map. When you see a buoy on the water
simply find it on the map or the chart to know exactly where you are it’s a
great way for you to keep track of your progress and in an emergency knowing
where you are can make the difference between an inconvenience and a tragedy.
So now let’s go out and hit the water and see what navvies are out there that
we can find while we’re out there we’re also going to take a moment to talk
about operating under the influence

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