Blueberry Hill (Canoeing trip at Bandak – Norway)

I couldn´t get enough from Bandak Last time went so fast … … so I returned back. Here I am again. This time … … I left ‘Jacky’ at the small marina. At Skarprud, An ideal place, close to the waterside, with a small beach … … what is easy for unloading and packing the canoe. Look what a tropical weather. Beautiful It´s a shame to sit in the car for the whole day … … but it is worth it. Here I am again. You can see it is summertime now … … holiday season has started. It was crowded on the road. But here on the lake I´ve also seen … … two yachts sailing. Norwegian and German. It´s very weird … … but suddenly … Bandak doesn´t feel mine. And that´s weird indeed, … … because it almost feels like: What are they doing on my Bandak? It is not my Bandak … … but furtively it is. Hey, no idea where the contents have gone to. Maybe I´ll find them. Yeah, sometimes it happens. Stuck by the rain all day. Actually it´s not too bad. I couldn´t imagine this yesterday. But yesterday I was exhausted. And now I like it. It´s not cold. And look …, after a long rainy day … … what we see over there! Is that beatiful …, … or is that beautiful? What do you think about this? Something I don´t easily do. I have this thing for years … … and perhaps it is used for only 4 or 5 times. But here I like it. There´s almost no wind … … and not cold … … but particularly calm … … so they are here! I even wear my gloves. To protect every part. Only …. … I have no socks. It also has some cosiness. Those things are swarming in front of my nose… … my eyes. It has something. Gee, that I ever should sit like this. In this ‘ aviary’. Those pittbull flies are so tiny … … they even enter through this netting. Or maybe they came in while putting this net on, … or they come through it. It´s a very fine net. No idea. This way the world looks very different. This is a very long parade of White Weird Sisters, this morning. And when they embrace me … … I feel the chilliness. Look, that´s nice when the sun rises … … those pittbull flies stay at home … … and I can put of my ‘aviary’. This is more pleasant. Yoh, my Beaverbay. That´s how I have named it …, … because here I spotted my first beaver last year. … on Bandak. Beaverbay It is my intention to … … build my camp and spend some days here. I´ve set up my camp at Beaverbay. Sun is shining, it´s beautiful weather. And the beauty of this season of the year … … all the green that you see, … … all blueberries. That was also in June, when I was here … … only, … now they are ripe. Now they can be picked. So, I go pick them … I take a pan with me. I go picking blueberries. On one hand you think: It´s not getting on. On the other hand, the pan is full before I now. And eh … … am I left of right handed? This is where I live. Well, I´m making blueberries into jam. I have an empy jar of … … green beans, of yesterday. I took jars intentionally,…. … to put the jam in. Easy, or not? It doesn´t fit in one jar. So … … I have to empty another one this evening. I think I have 3 or 4 jars with me. They may be emptied all … … and taken back filled with blueberry jam. And what is left is for on bread … … or as dessert. A tasty blueberry dessert. Normally with whipped cream, … … but I don´t have that. But I do have chocolate cream. So now I combine it with chocolate mouse. Look. Good morning. My breakfast is simmering. It was a convenient night. It is always convenient here. A wasp. He is attracted by the blueberries, I guess. Now I have to be careful not to step on the wasp. Then I´ll have a problem. Anyway … … my breakfast is simmering. A nutritious meal. But first, coffee. My homemade damper. Do you know what picking blueberries is about? First you think it´s not getting on. And you only wish your pan is full, … … which seems not to be happen. And suddenly it is nearly full … … and then you can´t stop. That way it is a little bit meditative. All blueberries. All blueberries. Blueberry, blueberry, blueberry All blueberries. All blueberries. Blueberry, blueberry, blueberry All that green, all blueberries. Blueberry, blueberry, blueberry Beautiful, eh! The bottom is all green. But I can see it is a real sponge. Look. Beautiful green. My hand goes deeply into it. And I still can go deeper. And down there I can feel the water. I can squeeze it out. Now you can see only a few. From underneath you can see a lot more. If the mozzies can rag me … … I can rag them too! So, what I did … … mozzie net … … set up … … chair inside … I´ve removed the soil from the rock. Because it is all peat. If that gets on fire … … it spreads all over (undergrounds). Good night. This was another nice day. And for tomorrow… I will see what it brings. This is very pleasant, a hanging tent. A view. When I look that way … … then I have a very nice view. I don´t have this at home. There is a shower coming this way. I can put on my raincoat … … or I shelter here. At this nice natural shelter. Look at this, how beautiful. Hey, the beer-garden is not open, this time.

10 thoughts on “Blueberry Hill (Canoeing trip at Bandak – Norway)

  1. Wederom een prachtige video, dank je wel. Schitterende opnamen en een hoop verborgen tips & tricks. Ik wacht met smartte op deel II. I found my thrill
    On Blueberry Hill.. Ik volg je.. Thomas

  2. Over paar maandjes ga ik weer naar zweden toe. Maar als ik jouw of ander mans video's zie krijg ik direct heimwee……

  3. Love that aluminium canoe of yours Hans,must keep my eye out for one.Was good to hear you speak your native tongue. I always remember my Welsh grandfather who didn't speak English until he was around eight years old say,when he learnt and had to talk English it would mentally tire him out,i'd imagine that's a bit true for most folks who speak other languages. Good trip again mate,good job you like blueberries!

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