Blue Canoe Story: Partner (Berlitz Brazil, Manager of Instruction)

I would describe Luka as the very
interesting simplify app that allows us to play fun while learning and it has
a lot of exercises that are with videos that help us whenever we have a doubt
the dictionary that helps us with words if you want to learn sentences that help
us how to sound better and how to voice better when speak and it’s got points to
it, so you can always achieve your goals it’s actually McDevitt system that it
shows us where we’ve made most of our mistakes and we can go back and work
more on those it’s a great app but Color Vowel system is a method that I learned
to respect and to admire that reading goes line in line with what we do over
its he presents a Methodist system of learning how to hear the sounds better
how to understand what is open better more accurately and also how to voice
out whatever you want to say the nearest toward a fluent speaker or a native
speaker would sound so before you getting to know about the Color Vowels
system and using the app we had an idea that simple and simply trying to make
students verbalize the way we verbalize be enough for them to recognize the
sounds and try to imitate the sounds we have already had the experience of
knowing that that wasn’t enough in most of the cases and getting to know the
tarball system in music and movement web has raised awareness that we need have
some learning to do in order to help students perceive the sounds in a better
way a much easier way than phonetic forces linguistic forces present at
speaking English is important to our customers and grenades because it
helps them achieve during the video rolls and lights I’m a fan of Blue Canoe
because it forces us to get better

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