Billabong Mob canoeing, part 2/4 – Afl. De Kwartiermakers

The Billabong quartermasters Yeah, I understand nobody will find you here. Nice spot. Ha ha, he has set up his bed. Sadly this is not suitable as a Billabong meeting place. Wow, I have survived this. Look, this goes so easy. Yeah, nice. A bit wider, more pleasant. Where is Hans now? O, there is Hans, in his camouflaged canoe. I´m floating above the water, like Buddha. Look, a real picknick area. Wilbert … Gerry … This is the area we can go to. Gerry, start frying the eggs. Wilbert, Wilbert …, not too many coals. We don´t stay here all day. Beer. Yeah, beer is all right. Beer is always all right, Wilbert. This is a nice spot. The Bushell´s. I´m not sure if it´s still in. Doesn´t matter. Yes, it IS Bushell´s. Looks like it. A cup of instant grounds. I considered to take the beans as well. But I didn´t. Do you still have them? – Yes. This was a nice spot for having coffee … … but for the Billabong meeting … … we are looking for something else. We are surveying the area … … for a canoe trip. Together with Gerry and Wilbert. But we have to be quiet. A ‘whispering boat’ (electrical powered). See ya next week. Or the week after. Wilbert, cheers. Next time you´re in. Although, we think so. Then we are with our mob of five. Then you are together with Sandra and Gerry … … in one canoe. We keep our own canoe´s, you understand. Succes. Welcome to the Weerribben … … I´m here together with … … masterchef Frank … … who gives a masterclass frying rice. We make preparations for the next Aussie weekend .. … in the Weerribben … … and yeah, …. … we´re making progress. The fried rice is done. Can´t be more luxury than this. This is tough. Shall we set up a parasol? Then we make a photo for Wilbert and Gerry. Just a moment. One or two? How do we make the photo? O … ??? Wilbert, Gerry … … next time Gerry may cook. And Wilbert brings in the beer. For us. We prefer XXXX. But I reckon we have to wait a long time for those. Then we have a real (mini) squadron … … with three canoe´s. But we don´t tow them. Hardtime 1 Hardtime 2 Considerably warm …., in the billabongs … … in this part with no wind. You immidiately feel the difference. This is a beautiful area. O no … … o wait … I can push it aside. It´s a floating clump. Put it aside. Frank is attempting to push aside some floating islands. It becomes more narrow … … and more difficult. I´m not sure. This is just like …, what´s his name … … Willem Barentz … … Franks searches for the northern passage. The park rangers should do something about this. Look, an open passage for you. Cheers. To the right. There he goes, by wind energy. What ya mean, wind energy? Looks like he´s watching a movie on his screen. Our speed is 2,7 km/h. That´s goes well. Don´t know, but it helps. How far is it to home? 874 meters. Singing: We have a houseboat … … it is in the Amstel. This is not the Amstel, is it? No. How is it called here? Don´t know. Any water. I think I have to close my lid … … and use the paddle again. Wind has gone. Next time on solar energy. That´s always there. Except on saturday´s. Go along. Digging. The Billabong quartermasters are ready. Up to the next round. Let the life and soul come in.

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