Biggie Vision Camera System

an exciting new addition for 2017 for
your Murphy system is the new biggie vision docking system when pontoons get
bigger there’s no doubt that they’re going to be blind spots and we want to
make sure our boats are easy and it’s user friendly to dock as possible
that’s why we’ve incorporated the new camera assisted docking system using
your Murphy system you use the top-left quadrant
video and you have one of three options video one shows you what’s behind you to
return back you simply add home video again number two is the one side and
video three is the other when docking with the camera assistance
system you still want to approach the same way on a 45 degree angle when you
get close hit your associated video screen and now you have a clear view of
what’s in front without having to look over you’re going to approach the docks
with same way and the Figge system gives you a clearer view of how close you are
to that dock this allows you to get the perfect dock every time

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